Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Can't Someone Else Think Up The Titles...

... and I'll just write the posts? No, eh? I see. I'll try harder tomorrow. I promise.

For those who're here for the giveaway, that post is below this one ;) I'm a little bit surprised by the fact that we're having a huge amounts of hits on the blog but only a few who want to win? Does that speak volumes for my hair pretties? Maybe people are all like 'I totally want to win something *click* Oh... this? And I have to type a comment to enter? No thanks... '. That's kind of the way I'm thinking right now LoL I know it's not a huge prize, but it's cute, there's three of them, and I promise to package it all pretty like? It's okay actually, the comments I've gotten are all really sweet and I'd be happy to giveaway to any (or all) of them.

I packaged my first sale lastnight. Not my first sale I've made, I mean my first sale that I've had this cute packaging for. Let me preface by saying I was really disappointed that this wasn't an Etsy sale and I couldn't ship it in a super fun envelope. But, I did use a smaller version of my hand crafted sweet envelopes that I posted about already. I managed to make clip cards until my custom ordered ones come in. The cards are pretty adorable too. And some how I was able to find polka-dot paper for the cards and the envelopes (not the same polka dots, but similar colours so it's cool) in addition to the fact that I purchased fuchsia and green small boutique-style polka dot bags last month from another Etsy shop who had changed their design (Score!). My only regret is that I don't have white/pink/green/etc... tissue paper laying around. How don't I?! I was sure I did. But, I don't. And it sucks. I really wanted to tissue paper it up. Don't you all know how fragile hair clips are? Yeah, I guess it's a good thing they're not. But now instead of dreading having someone come to my house to pick up their purchase I'm excited to show them. Hopefully she's not like 'Umm... yeah... can you just keep this garbage part here, I don't really want to have to throw it out at home...' because I might cry or take my clips back or something. I will be taking pictures of this packaging job, not to worry. Then sometime in the next, oh, 2-3 weeks when my .99 digital card reader arrives all the way from Hong Kong (Thank you Ebay!) I'll post them. Unless I happen to upload them elsewhere first. It could happen, but I don't want you to get your hopes up.

I have a stray cat. His name is Ralphie. Ralphie randomly showed up on our door step about a month ago. My cats wanted to beat him to a bloody pulp. He just wanted something to eat. Mr. Pretties just wanted him to get run over by a truck. I let him in. He's orange. I think I love him a little. He must've been someone's pet because he is oh so very loveable, he lets the kids beat the snot out of him and purrs all the while. He likes to snuggle in bed. Those are not things you learn on the streets my friend. No sirree. Ralphie has since forgotten to go home at night, or where every he came from. He used to show up first thing in the morning for some breakfast and then hit the road until 9pm to catch a late dinner. My cats stopped trying to beat on him. Ralphie moved in. Ralphie didn't come home lastnight. Ralphie did not show up for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I was convinced Ralphie had remembered where he lived, or he had met an unfortunate end. Then Ralphie walked around the corner. What a relief... until I noticed one eye swollen completely shut, the other eye half way shut, a broken tooth and a limp. Crap. Ralphie is going to cost me a fortune at the vets tomorrow. The picture at left is ofcourse not Ralphie, but almost identical. Isn't he cute? He can be see at which I believe is a US 'find a home' blog. They also have a neat Ebay store that helps support the animals . I was so glad to see Ralphie that I think we have to stop referring to him as the stray cat, when a stray cat doesn't come back to your house you say 'thank god!' not 'dear god no!'.I guess he's sort of family now, what's one more? I'm so glad Ralphie is home. Mr. Pretties still wishes he'd been run over by a truck. After our trip to the vets tomorrow and the fat bill that will undoubtedly follow, Mr. Pretties may actually rent a truck and run him over himself. For some reason Ralphie doesn't give him the same warm fuzzies he gives me. But I'm a sucker like that. Sometimes when Mr. Pretties is insensitive like that I could run him over with a truck myself...

I just remembered. I purchased some new roving yesterday. Do you remember what I told you that was? Cute fuzzy wool for me to make more felty balls with! Woohoo! I bought the bobby pins too, but that's not all that exciting, it doesn't even deserve a picture. If you need to see a picture of a silver plated bobby pin with a plate check two posts down. But this roving I bought it all adorable colours and will make some uber cute felty balls for sure! The seller even made an exception and shipped it to Canada! It was meant to be. I just wish shipping didn't take a life time. It's a little scary that The Little Boy Person will likely be here before my roving!! Then when I do get it I'll be like 'What the hell is this fluffy stuff in an envelope?! Why is someone sending me this weird stuff?!' because I'll be suffering from post partum brain and lack of sleep. But isn't that picture adorable?! With the bunny and all? This bunch of fluffy sweetness came from wish it was here now...

I also bought this bag of cuteness:

I usually make my own corkers, but it's like 40 degrees here and our air condition leaves much to desired. This makes running the oven at 450 degrees for hours not so great. Plus what's not fun about a grab bag of corkers? I'll still make my own, just not so many, I can throw some of these fancy funs in with mine and voila! Someone will love them. Plus they'll just be so neat to get in the mail. Provided they don't all jump out of the envi like those snakes in the tubes or anything... that wouldn't be fun and if the Little Boy Person hadn't made his arrival yet, he would at that moment. Let's avoid that whole situation, okay?

Today's pick up customer can't come until tomorrow. It's kind of like having a great Christmas present all wrapped and ready to give someone and then having to wait. I'm not good at that! That's why I don't wrap (Or buy anything for that matter...) until super close to Christmas. If I do either any earlier than that I'll end up telling you what I bought or just giving it to you. I simply can't contain myself. That's okay, maybe I'll be able to go out and get some tissue paper now ;) I'm sure Mr. Pretties wont mind making a special trip out of the house simply for this reason. He loves tissue paper as much as the next guy... I guess that wouldn't be very much, eh? Probably not. But indirectly he loves it... if he loves me, and I love tissue paper, wouldn't that mean he loves tissue paper too? And Ralphie? I think I'll go with that thought process. I'm glad Mr. Pretties doesn't read the blog or he'd be disillusioning me left and right - I think I get enough of that in real life, I can do without.

I'll be back this afternoon if I come upon anything fun to type about. This hasn't been a genius blogging day let me tell you. I think all this envelope making is eating my charm or something. Maybe it's the fact that I didn't get to bed until 2am because I was too involved in packaging, filling orders, making envelopes, editing Etsy, starting this post for the blog (Yes, I drafted it at 2am) and other such hair clip related things. That reminds me I have to make an appt. at Melonhead ( for the Big Little Pretty to have her hair cut and thinned out (It's like a bush, it's crazy) and conveniently that beauty supplier who supplies my alligator clips is in the same plaza. Sweet. I need me some clips bad as I'm already out of the 200 I bought a couple weeks ago!

PS. I shh.... shoot you not my digital card reader just arrived from Hong Kong!! That shipping was faster than anything I've ever gotten from the US! Woohoo!!

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  1. I cant wait to see what you do with the corkscrew hair clips. I love those and they are always so expensive at the Gymboree or when they go on sale they dont have the ones I was waiting for!
    Also just name your blogs after song titles. It's easier and what I usually do. HA!


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