Friday, January 30, 2009

I Just Might Do It...

That's right guys, I *think* I'm going to tackle the couch reupholstering situation...
I'm thinking white/cream duck for the back cushions/arms/body and a muted sage or burgundy toile for the buttom seat cushions. Then I will clearly proceed to perform a ritualistic Scotch Guarding of the furniture as to prevent the LPs from sabotaging within the first 30 seconds it's in the livingroom.

I know, I know, who uses a white on a well used couch with kids, pets, and a husband, but I really want one... I was thinking I'd also either replace the foam in the cushions all together with synthetic down (Does anyone know how that works as furniture stuffing?) or just use synthetic down with the original foam to give the cushions that over stuffed plump look (not to mention oh so comfy feel) that's always fab. To me.

I also have a pair of large antique Bergere chairs that have the most atrocious fabric you can imagine, with dark wood kneed legs that I think will be hauled out of the basement and included in the makeover. This means I'll have to retire our love seat and replace it with these two chairs which will be upholstered in the muted toile with plump white duck pillows and the legs painted a shabby white/cream (I guess it all depends on the background of the toile whether the duck gets to be white or cream...) can't you just picture it? I can, Mmmm... Okay maybe you can't, you know, since you've never seen my livingroom/couch/chairs or loves seat and you don't have access to my brain (you should be thankful of that!).

Ofcourse I have never reupholstered anything in my life, does that matter? In my mind it's the easiest thing to do ever, as everything always is, until it comes to doing it. Now I've watched my fair share of Trading Spaces, Take This House and Sell It, I'm a Nester follower, and I've Googled it, and it really looks doable. I even tested my theory out with Beauty and The Beast sheets on the couch, and it seems to hold, so now to search for a sweet deal on duck! Oh, and talk Mr. Pretties into this whole scheme of recovering four large pieces... I'm sure he'll be all over it... *couch* Yeah... allllll over it...

What's In A Name?

As you can see we've had a wee bit of a name change ;) I, ofcourse can't change the blog address or name, but that's okay, I'm not about to start copying and pasting past blogs into a new one... Just the thought makes me want to cry.

I decided to switch up names because hair clippies are now too popular, just about everywhere! It's insane actually. So I enjoy doing them for the LP's because they look cute, but that's about it. I'll be blogging about the same stuff I've been blogging about for the last six months, I still may blog about clippies periodically (my interests have a way of coming back too...) but I figured I chat about old stuff, Kijiji, and shabbiness more often than not, so it made no sense to have a blog title that had little do with content... kind of confusing, no?

So relax, everything will be exactly the same (sorry) but with a different name. Hey, who knows, maybe one day I'll even reward you all by having the blog done up with a real layout, you know, when I finish a really fab shabby piece and sell it for the big bucks so that I can make that happen (incase you're getting excited, this pretty much means we're not getting one LoL). But we can dream about it, nothing wrong with that ;)

And if you're like me and you're into the antiques/vintage/salvage/shabby there are three different Ning groups now that're pretty great to visit: - Wonderful for those seeking info, just starting out, have some expertise to share as well as just wanting to browse the online wares! - Great for shabby chic-ers (even if you only sell on Kijiji, it's more for the love of shabby) (see the member board along the side) - A new site promoting architectural salvage and using it in a green way (reusing it as decor) very shabby (salvage) chic!


Thursday, January 29, 2009


I think we all have come to realize that I have a soft (as in mush) spot for chairs. Chippy, shabby, beat up chairs in particular. Obviously. So in my Kijiji travels (I really need to stop...) I came across this:

It's an old canned nursing rocker. Fortunately the caning is in fabulous shape (Thank goodness for that, I am no caner let me tell you!) and all it needs it some loving, some painting, and some wax rubbing, shabby chic style ofcourse. It will then require an adorably delicious shabby frou frou pillow to keep it company. Which I have the technology for. Just look at those legs? Aren't those the most adorable chair legs ever? And that little crown on the top of the back splat? Total sweetness. I may invest is some wood appliques for this piece, I think the back splat needs a little something, but not too much because it's just so sweet all on it's own! Mr. Pretties even likes it, even though we need to drive over an hour away to pick it up... I'll definitely be sharing the end result (seriously, don't be surprised if it's the same as the starting result, I have a tendency to like it a little too much the way it is...)

I was thinking I'd love to do something like 'Makeover Monday' each Monday, and show the end results of furniture we've done, but that would mean we would need to do a piece a week, and by extension buying a piece a week... not sure I could hook Mr. Pretties on that one. Not saying I wont try though ;)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Seeing Red...

Surprisingly this is not a post about Mr. Pretties. Although... it could be... No, no, it's definitely not, we'll save that post for another day.

So LBP was up the majority of the night lastnight as he has the cold from hell. Seriously. I have to watch over him less his nose crust over entirely. MmmMmm. Aren't you glad you have that pleasant vision in your head? So, sleep was at a minimum. Mr. Pretties thought he'd be a gem and take LBP around 7am and let me sleep in. That is the most direct route to my heart, I lurve sleeping in a very unhealthy way.

I was in bed thoroughly enjoying my sleepingness when I heard BLP screaming and crying like a nut. You have to know BLP to understand that she frequently is screaming crying like a nut, so this is not abnormal. But this was one of 'those' cries that you just know something is not right. I don't remember getting out of bed, or getting to the livingroom across the house, I just remember being there asking BLP what happened. And then she turned around.

Oh. My. God.

There was blood spurting down her back and her hair was soaked with it. So ofcourse my first instinct is to cover her head with my hand, and then run to locate Mr. Pretties (who was taking the trash out as is happens, a mere 5 feet away), because, you know, he's so valuable in high stress situations. Not.
I sat down with BLP on my lap yelling 'I don't know what to do!!' (Note, that's basically 'my line' when it comes to these types of events even though injuries and blood do not bother me in the least and I do infact know what I'm doing) all of a sudden I could feel the warm blood seeping through my fingers and had to grab a clean cloth, put it over the cut (which by the way is the size of a nail head, as in, it's nothing) and say in my most dignified voice ' Mr. Pretties, hold this firmly on her head, I just have to go throw up for a minute...' We'll sum up this moment of weakness to my lack of sleep, and the manner in which I was awoken...

All retching aside, I got her 'boo boo' all stopped up, cleaned up the crime scene that was my kitchen, changed out of my blood sprayed shirt (which was white, btw, naturally), and checked for signs of concussion. We were good to go. Just a little morning excitement, you know? As it turns out she was jumping on her bed (which I tell her not to do, oh, about 78,559,874 times on a good day) and fell off, banging her head on the cast iron radiators in the process. Nice.

It always amazes me that BLP is about a million times more careful that her counterpart LLP, yet she's always the one who has these issues (Tractor ride anyone?), I just don't understand!

Fab Antique/Vintage Online Group/Forum

If anyone wants to join a fab group on antiques/vintage/shabby chic/cottage chic/arc. salvage and retro just let me know, I'll send you an invite! It's a ton of fun, there's some super knowledgeable folks on it, and everyone is really friendly. It already has 1300+ members, so you gotta know it's hopping!

Just a thought.

I shall return later with tales of child trauma and blood. Oh, and how this further proves I'm not the SHIRA (K, Pippa?) that I thought I was. Ugh.

And I've updated the blogroll again, there are now some really fab Shabby Chic blogs on there, enjoy :) I know, I know, no one needs more blogs to read, but don't you love it?!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Aww Yay!

Couture De Papier gave me a blog award (several days ago, and thanks to blogspot I didn't get to see it because it wouldn't load. Good job) This is my first award and such a sweet one!

Here's the story behind this award:
The authors say that blogs who receive this award are exceedingly charming. This blog invests in the PROXIMITY in space, time and relationships. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

So, now it's time to pass on this award and 'propagate' some friendships!
And to pass this along, I'd like to send it to:

Julie at View From The Windshield (A nice combo of family/crafts/and antiques and has real cute Etsy shop)

Wendy at Heart On The Line (Fab blog about a great family awaiting their referral for their Korean adoption. Wendy is also a marvelous photog. Feel free to take a look)

Sheree at The Phamily Blog (great mommy blog as well as an excellent resource for those who have children with downs, she explains what a gift it actually is!)

Sandi at For Hear And Home (she makes the most adorable things from vintage pieces check her shop)

Mitzi at Vintage Goodness (Fun blog about all things vintage, selling/creating/etc... Great Etsy shop)

And I'd like to pass it back to Couture de Papier as her blog is too adorable for words. It's what my blog would look like if I were technologically advanced. Or something. She also does really fantastic mixed media artwork, check out her shop!)

So this was really sweet, I'm going to pass on the lurve now, and hopefully you can enjoy these fab blogs as much as I do :)

I've also updated the blogroll so that you always have access to these new sites and their shops ( I know, not all of them are new, but the new ones are ;) )

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So I'm A Wuss...

... I know, I've been absent. Again. Sorry about that.
So Mr. Pretties and I have been in the midst of the age old moving discussion for the past week. It's very hard (quite possibly the understatement of the year) to find a nice house (whole house, not a duplex, etc...) with enough bedrooms, a yard, in a good area, that accepts pets, and, the kicker, is affordable. The house we live in now is decent, it's 90 years old but has been totally renovated, so with the exception of our pocket door it has none of it's original character left, we have half as many bedrooms as required, and zero space since someone keeps filling it up with more old furniture (I wish Mr. Pretties would tone the whole pack rat thing down... geez...) and we live in a craptastic area. We've only stayed this long because we lurve our landlords whom we live with, they love our kids, and because they're antique dealers they satisfy my need for exposure to antiques on a weekly basis. The need to move has arised as BLP will be attending kindy next year (panic attack to ensue) and we want her to start in a decent school/area/house/etc... and we need to get on it now. I've mostly been avoiding the whole impending situation because of our love for our landlords and the great times we have in the backyard sipping ice cold beverlies while pricing antiques for the market on the weekends. It's like having insta-entertainment all summer, someone's always around to shoot the shi--- err... shiznit (?) with which is nice. And, when the house makes creepy noises, I mentally blame it on 'the people upstairs' which is just fab for my very frayed nerves. Believe me.

The only reason I'm willing to come out of my shell and discuss the situation with Mr. Pretties now is because... I think I've found the house.
It's on top of a hill, with a white picket fence (come. on.), a wooden/rope swing hanging from a very large old shady tree (That both the LPs and myself would enjoy. Immensly), an enormous front/back/side yard, a mini green house, apple trees, and, well, it's an 160 year old stone shaker meets colonial house that's right in our budget with four bedrooms, a 1950's stove, original wood work, 12 ft ceilings, and is in a fantastic little town by a river that sports numerous antique shops. Does that say me or what? Also, the town is called Paris (the first called was received by Alexander Graham Bell here), anyone who knows anything knows that anything called Paris must be fab. Okay, strike that, anything called Paris, with the exception of Paris Hilton, and that other man Paris. Otherwise, Paris is goooooodie. This wee town has won provincial awards for being the most adorable town, how sweet is that?!

Now. The problems.

Mr. Pretties works 45 minutes away from there (in good weather). Aunt Pretties lives 1hr 10minutes away from there (we've always lived within 30 minutes and visit weekly, which we still would). Our Dr who I absolutely will not switch is an hour and a half away, and we have three kids who frequent there (you know, vaccines, etc...). Mr. Pretties is the only driver. And... here's the real issue (okay my real issue)...

I'm. A. Friggen. Wuss.

We've always lived in a shared house (duplex, we don't actually have people live with us), someone else has always been on the next floor(s) so I was never really alone. Mr. Pretties works almost steady afternoons, meaning, he doesn't get home until 11pm (and wouldn't get home until nearly 12am) most weeks (god forbid he go back to working nights *shudders*). Which is fine. For normal people. But, as it turns out (are you ready for this?), I'm afraid of being left home alone with... ghosts. Yes, you read that right. I am afraid of ghosts. While looking at the interior photos of the house I spotted numerous 'orbs' and am figuring in a 160 year old house it's highly possible to have such things. We had a spirit in a house we lived in 5 years ago, a very negative one (as well as a small harmless child one). And guess what? We don't live there anymore. In addition to this, it has an old rubble basement where laundry would need to be taken care of. Which obviously means we'd be making weekly trips to the mall to obtain new clothing as I would not be going down there. Ever. So here I'd be, all alone in an old, unfamiliar (with no one to blame spooky sounds on) potentially haunted house, with Mr. Pretties 45 minutes away in a town that we are completely unfamiliar with and know no one in. Do you see how this could pose a slight problem? I thought maybe we could get a dog (Australian Shepherd/St. Bernard, anyone?) and that would help... I think we need to give the house a weeks trial and see how that goes, think they'd mind if we just bunked in?

So. That's where we're at. Mr. Pretties and I are going to go check it out on Sunday, potentially without the LPs and see what the interior is really like, atleast if it's crap the issue'll be settled right there. But if it's loverly like I think (hope) it will be, we'll be back into deep discussion again. All discussions have been halted until that time (By Mr. Pretties. I on the other hand like to beat things to death by discussing the same points over and over, changing my mind, and rechanging my mind, then throwing my hands in the air and proclaiming it too stressful to discuss without a beverly. And then repeat. Like shampoo.) To most people my issues wouldn't be a concern at all. To me, they're huge. If we're (I'm) stuck alone in a haunted house there would be a lot of pant crapage going on, and since I wouldn't be entering the basement of doom to do anything about that situation, it could get ugly. I am such a freak. But other than the potential shiznit-fest that could take place when I'm left to my lonesome, it's perfect.

In the words of Clever Girl 'Le Sigh'

Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm Sorry...

But how did I not know these rabbit existed?

Do you see how enormous it is?! It's a Flemish Giant Rabbit meaning it weighs upwards of 18-22lbs. For a little perspective check this out:

K? Yeah, it's the same size as that Collie. Oh. My. God. It could babysit the LPs!
Now how, you ask did I come across these monstrosities? Very simply, and accidentally, much like Garfield (The Fonz) and Cheddar. It's Kijiji's fault. Once in a while I happen to check out the 'live stock' section, you know, incase there's any pygmy goats or chickens for sale. You know, because I'm convinced that we're moving out to the country and we'll be able to have these things. But do you know what's better than wee goats and chickens? A giant rabbit. A breeder will have them ready in time for the spring. Can you imagine if the LPs got one for Easter?! Can you imagine how furious Mr. Pretties would be?! Maybe it could keep the cats in line. Or something. Apparently they can be litter box trained completely and don't really need to live in a cage at all. Except that I'd be worried about chewing wires and such.
I just cannot get over how huge they are. They're supposed to make fab pets (although the breeder is selling them for food since they reach up to 20+lbs) and are known as 'gentle giants'. The kids would be beside themselves with an enormous rabbit! Think how much money I'd save of chocolate this year? Hollow ducks? Who needs them!
Okay, okay. We all know who really wants the big bunny.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Brain...

...Feels like it is bleeding. I think perhaps I'm allergic to this -21 weather we're having. Or something. But bleeding brains aren't necessarily conducive to original posts. Not that a non bleeding brain is either. Or atleast mine in that case.
I'm not so much enjoying my Ebay trial right now. I hate answering 52,000 shipping questions, I hate having to package and ship things, and mostly I hate getting rid of things. Is there a way I could not answer questions, not have to package and ship, not get rid of anything but still have people deposit monies into my paypal account? Legally? Probably not, eh? It just doesn't feel like it's even worth the profits right now. Maybe because I'm tired and need to go to bed.
I think my headache is making me cranky instead of candy coated pink fluffy bunnies with sprinkles and sparkles today. I hate it when I'm cranky Mr. Pretties would tell you I am more often than not, but clearly he lies, he's just jealous of my rainbow unicorns and candy floss personality. Obviously. Have you noticed I've used the word hate more times in this post than the entire blog put together? Maybe we'll do a link share instead of ranting, mmmkay?
Need a neat group to view antiques, sound out selling ideas, get info, or whatever? Visit:
for the US and
for Canada, although the US board is far more active.
This is a blog not on my sidebar list, but she totally cracks me up, she's got a unique and totally me sense of humour (you'd never know it from the blog, but our personalities are very similar, it's scary.)
And the ever popular Clever Girl for some light reading
Enjoy and Goodnight (The Pretties can bed themselves can't they?)!
*Yes I see that this post is all jammed together. Thank Blogspot for sucking. I don't have the brain power to be editing the HTML right now like I usually do. Everyone thank Blogspot.
Unison: Thanks Blogspot... (Married With Children Style)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Simple Woman's Day Book...

I think we'll do the Simple Woman's Day Book post today.

FOR TODAY January 12th, 2009

Outside My Window... It's dark out already, but it seems to have stopped snowing.
I am thinking... Hmm... I should really bust out my new pink machine and make some pin keeps...

I am thankful for... My three Little Pretties, they're truly a joy in my life. Sometimes a painful joy (kidding), but, a joy all the same.

From the kitchen... I can hear the bag of flour calling me, I need to bake a batch of ginger snaps.

I am wearing... My Pajamas. And my fuzzy robe. Don't judge me.

I am creating... Not a whole lot right now which is odd, but I've got loads of ideas! I've just been uber busy trying to sort this Ebay thing out.

I am going... To paint my toe nails, I'm sure you wanted to know all about that.

I am reading... Nothing right now, can you that too? Unless you count Kijiji... and the Ebay for Dummies book...

I am hoping... To go junking next week. I swear if I don't go weekly I go through withdrawal.

I am hearing... The LPs playing in their room. I'd love to say quietly, alas, that would be a lie.

Around the house... Are signs that the LP's live here. Play here. And make a major mess here. Ugh. Around the house I'll be hauling As... butt to get it straightened out again very shortly...

One of my favorite things... One word. Vintage. I am lurving me some vintage right now. Particularly kitchen items... Did I mention I bought a 50's pink Dolly Madison ice cream maker? Yeah, I did. Why? Because it was vintage. And pink.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Umm... is surviving a plan? If not I'm sort of fresh out of plans, well, aside from junking. And surviving. They kind of feed into each other you know...

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

This is a newly listed item on Kijiji. That a require. Immediately. I already have th perfect corner for it in my livingroom. Just waiting. Now all I need is the $300 to back it up. No problem. None at all...

Friday, January 9, 2009

Small Haul...

I think Mr. Pretties would be a better husband if he retired. As you know (due to my lack of presence) Mr. Pretties was vacay for the last couple weeks and it seems that when he's not stressed/annoyed/tired from work he's actually much more into things I like to do. And as we all know I like to find me some old things and bring them on home and fill my house until there is absolutely no room for any person to actually live in it. Oh wait, that's what Mr. Pretties says. I like to think of it as more of a rescue mission if you will, finding 'forever homes' for primitive pretties. We'll go with my thoughts on this one.

This week we picked up this bow front (the front is bowed, it just never shows up in pictures) dresser from England, I love it because it's uber shabby chic, it's got some nice chippy paint and great molding, it's all dovetailed and cute:

We also picked up a small dairy set this week. We have an S.C.C. 4qt Jar Churner (for butter), two hand carved paddles and a laddle (well loved, clearly), and a butter press w/what I believe is an acorn mold on the bottom. I may be going back to purchase the small round 'wheat' mould.

(Yes I stole this photo, I'm not climbing the kitchen counters to get it back down again. Yes it's already on display. Yes I'm selling it. Mine doesn't have the red though, you can see all the gears)

Lastly, we grabbed a set of Victorian cast iron. One is to hang on the wall and slip your receipts over the pin, and the other is a bill/paper clip. Both are fabulously ornate and I'm really fighting myself to keep them.

Please note I have absolutely NO use for these items, I just want them. I think I have some kind of want disease that borders on hoarding, but we'll save that self diagnosis for another time...
I even bit the bullet and listed them on Ebay lastnight (click the pictures for proof!), I'll let you know how that goes. Right now they're on display on the top of our cupboards. Mr. Pretties says that's a sure sign that I'm not selling them. He is incorrect. As usual. I'm simply keeping them safe until they find a new home. Oh, except for the churner... that baby is so mine. Don't look at me like that, I have to keep it, it matches the milk crate and milk bucket we have...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm Dreaming of A Pink Christmas...

I didn't share what I received for Christmas this year. You'll all be so happy because it means you'll never have to hear me curse it again. My sewing machine that is. Check out this cutie patootie:

How freaking adorable is that?! Do you know how much more adorable my creations will be now that my machine is pink?! Aunt Pretties bought it for me and I couldn't be more stoked about it. Ofcourse now I can't sleep at night because of the 50,000 ideas floating around in my head. And because my machine is pink, how could I possibly go on using the piece of green fabric I'd been using as a pin keep? The hell you say! So I had to obtain this tiny piece of wool deliciousness:

And although I find it's stick pin 'tail' most appealing, with the LPs under foot I can't have that. I also can't have a bird sans tail, so I purchased a bunch of fluffy black (there was no white, and the beak is black, so lets just say it matches for now) feathers to stick in instead. I also came across these:

Seriously now? Are those not so entirely adorable? I thought so. I haven't bought any yet, but I will. How can I stick those offensive little yellow pins in that adorable pink bird when there is this type of shabby chic alternative? That's what I thought...

So it was indeed a pink Christmas, which is fab because I'm all about pink Christmas. And birthdays. And anniversaries. Oh, and Valentine's Day even though we (Mr. Pretties) think it's lame ;)

What do you get that was fab this year?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Waking Up Is Hard To Do...

So we were back to preschool this morning. Have I mentioned that I hate getting up to go to preschool? Seriously. I've already done my 16 years of getting up for school, I'm totally over that, why am I having to do it again?! Keep in mind this is only two mornings a week, next year when we're dealt a full five day week there will be some serious posts dedicated to this very delicate topic. That's fair warning.

I guess preschool was pretty intense today as BLP who is all anti nap now asked me if she could take one this afternoon. Who am I to say no? Particularly when that means I catch catch 40 winks... Four hours later she wakes up. Four. Hours. (I'm not complaining, personally I'm all about marathon naps) She comes into my bedroom with LLP trailing behind and climbs into my bed, covering herself up (Oh no BLP, it's totally okay that you just sabotaged my bed after I went ahead and made it all hospital style, for the third time today, no, don't worry about it at all. Oh wait, you're not.) LLP starts yaking away at her and BLP turns to her, and in her most weak and pathetic voice she says 'Oh LLP, just let me lay here for a few minutes, I just need some quiet' and flops her head back on the pillow with her arm over her eyes. Clearly she inherited this dramatic personality from Mr. Pretties, since it wouldn't be from me. Obviously.

Since my camera is out of batteries once again, I forgot to copy and paste my new items pictures from Kijiji before they were deleted, and my plans to purchase a new pink Sony were foiled (I will have one early this year, I'm telling you), I shall share some recent pictures of the LPs.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to coordinate three children in a photo? I think giving birth to them was a far easier task then try to get them to sit together without making goofy faces, closing their eyes, walking away mid picture, or crying (I don't like it when they cry either, it doesn't help).

Little girl's crack me up. From the time two sisters can verbalize they function on two phases. 1. I hate you, I don't want to play with you, go away, I'm telling Mommy. and 2. I love you, you're my best friend, let's go catch butterflies and chase rainbows while holding hands. These two functions can fluctuate by the second, so beware!

Just one of the guys... err... cats... Please note that LBP weighs a whopping 18lbs + now and is only now reaching the same girth as Wilma. She's very sensitive about her weight though, so we simply refer to it as 'festively plump'... whatever works Wilma... and she does not touch people food so we're not so sure what that's about. That is kind of a goobery picture of the LBP but the one I wanted I can't find and I have a sneaking suspicion that that creep the camera ate it. *Sigh* your day is coming camera, you just wait...

I will post stuff pictures soon, as in, maybe tomorrow.

Monday, January 5, 2009

And I'm Back

Things are no returning to normal, well as normal as anything can be in the Pretties household...

Anywho... This was the first year that the BLP actually 'got it' about Christmas, which made it loads more exciting than previous years. Christmas eve we went to take the LPs to look at the Christmas lights, you know, like one of those family things I'm always attempting. Ten minutes into the drive we arrive at a heavily lit area, and it went like this:

Guys look at the lights! Wow, aren't they pretty?! Santa will love those for sure!
LPs in Unison: ZzZzZzZz *snort* ZzZzZzZz...
Me: Guys? Hey, guys... GUYS!!! Ahh come. on. !
LPs still in unison: ZzZzZzZzZz....

*Sigh* thanks guys.
So, Mr. Pretties and I grabbed a coffee and a tea and enjoyed the peace and quiet for a little while. They'd perk up once we get home, no big deal, right? Wrong. They were lifeless little sacks of potatos once in the driveway too. I made a concentrated effort to wake them up so we could do stockings, Santa cookies, etc... No dice. Right off to bed they went. Not even a fight. Not even a glass of freaking water to be asked for! Honestly, when I absolutely need them to go to bed, as in like I need air to breath, it's the equivalent to trying to wrestle down two well greased exersize balls (size large at that) at the very same time while doing the limbo on hot coals. When I expect them to stay up this is what I get? Where did I go wrong?!

So I wrapped the presents, did the stockings, wrote letters from Santa, with my left hand ofcourse, left out a half eaten ginger snap w/ carefully orchastrated crumbs and a sudsy empty bottle of Mr. Pretties work brand crap beer (combined effort with Mr. Pretties. Obviously). We got to bed at 2am.

Now, if you were to ask the LPs what they got for Christmas this is what they'd tell you:

So, did Santa bring you presents this year?
LPs: Yup!
Person: What did he bring?
LPs: Presents!
Person: What kind of persents?
*ready for this?*
LPs: Red ones!!!

I digress. This is from the same children that found some of those styrofoam squares wrapped in foil with a bow from some ancient wreath and said:

'Santa was came already!'
*Opening foil*
'Wowwwww..... (Total amazement here people) Santa brought me a square!!!'

Good. Lord. It totally cracked me up though.

Now that I've shared more about my kids in one post than I have in my entire blog, I shall save my 'haul' post for tomorrow. I did some shopping. Again. Mr. Pretties is arranging removal of Kijiji viewing from our computer as we speak.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Beverlys Anyone?

As I was checking my email lastnight I had someone email us about 'that piece of crap' - Mr. Pretties They offered me, are you ready for this, $1200. Wth?! They said they could grab it the end of the weekend.

Mmmkay then, I'm thinking someone just happen to be having themselves a few (or many) beverlys, just a few hours too soon lastnight... I'll keep you posted, but I'm 100% positive that in their clearly highly drunken state they meant to type $12. Goofballs. It gave us a good laugh though!

In the mean time, doesn't it look cute in our kitchen?


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