Monday, July 14, 2008

I think I'm Becoming More Bazaar Everyday...

A cute felty ball fetish is fairly normal... Well by my standards it is so let's just go with that for this discussion. Okay. But what about when someone gets way too excited about fancy roving (aka. wool used for felting for those of you who haven't researched this and become obsessed) that they can buy to create yet more felty balls? (Picture at right is from the Etsy store ) or maybe because it just look so pretty I could fill fancy jars with it around the house... I already have my dark pink and light pink felty balls from this afternoon in cute little glass cups in my kitchen. I'm 'drying' them... I will adhere them to my fancy silver plated bobby pins soon, when I'm quite sure they're plenty dry... and then I will in fact list them on Etsy. Should I become concerned that my dreams now incorporate random felt and roving thoughts? Sprinkled with the odd felty ball? I woke up to go to the bathroom at 5am when Mr. Pretties was getting ready to leave for work and I think the only thing I muttered at him before going back to bed was 'There's felty balls in my dreams...' Yeah...

So I left the computer on lastnight because I'm getting tired of it taking 10+ to boot up in the mornings (Yes, clearly leaving it on 24/7 will solve that problem!), I did this day before yesterday too. I heard the power click on and off early this morning and thought 'Crap, I hope that wasn't enough to shut the computer down...' so I was happy to see when I got up that the light was still on and humming away. I turned the monitor on and wiggled my mouse... only to see my entire desktop is enormous. This has happened before and I was equally impressed then. I'm talking HUGE, MSN is the size of the entire screen. It makes it very difficult to do anything. Mr. Pretties fixed it last time (And screwed up the colour some how, but I need to see more than I need proper colours) but he's at work. My only hope is that he'll phone on his lunch in an hour and remember how he fixed this. This is a big hope, Mr. Pretties doesn't remember too much after he does it. He'll probably have to come home and tinker with it, which means I'm stuck trying to do Etsy, reply to emails, make labels and pin cards with a screen that's twice as large as would it should be. This really relates back to the whole pink Dell situation. If anyone has one they'd like to donate to the Clippie Cause right about now that would be super. Think of all the fun stories I could have about a pink laptop? Think how much improvement there'd be on the Blog, and there's no doubt it would increase my creativity on Etsy as well. A pink laptop for me would benefit everyone all the way around! So... you know... if you've just got one sitting around and didn't want to offend me by offering it a few days ago, go ahead, I have no pride ;)

Does someone want to explain to me why those bobby pins with the little plates on them are so flippin spendy? Is it just because they're silver plated? Or because they have the tiny extra piece of whatever on the end? Or because it's known that I have really adorable felty balls that need to be adhered to them with some e6000 and everyone is afraid of how absolutely adorable they're going to be? I was checking this situation out yesterday and it would seem that a 24 pack is like $6.50 with shipping... now $6.50 itself isn't that much, I know that. But alligator clips are far less spendy and yet so much more involved... It must be the silver plating. I guess that's trendy or something. personally I don't see anything wrong with the fancy brown ones with the globby ends they sell at the dollar store... but that's just me and obviously I am not trendy and happening. I guess I'll bite the bullet and purchase 24 pins and test out this felty ball situation. Worst case scenario I have 24 really cute felty ball bobby pins to utilize. I'd be okay with that. Guess what everyone'll be getting for Christmas? The clips people sell with felty balls on them seem to be really spendy as well. I was browsing prices to get an idea of what was out there and what they were selling for. Three bobby pins, $10.50. What?! I'll sell my felty ball pins 3 for $6.50 just because the pins are a little spendy and I actually had to roll all those little balls myself and make them all cute and felty like. Then when they go to the consignment shop for sale as well I'll still make $2.75 after they take their 50%. I'm also going to purchase a felting needle and foam thing. I'm going to felt me some cool shapes too. This could be a lot of fun! I keep forgetting we're having the Little Boy Person though, and that might become time consuming in the next couple weeks... you know how babies sort of need stuff and all... I'll work something out. Do you think they'll let me bring my glue gun and felting needles to the hospital?

I think that'll be my closing thought for now. Trying to function with this great bloody huge desktop is cramping my style and my sense of humour today. It also made me forget all the fun things I had planned to blog about lastnight when I was trying to sleep. Hopefully all appears normal I'll be back with something remotely witty and/or funny. We'll see.

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