Friday, July 4, 2008

So Here We Are...

Hi There!
If you're reading this Blog then you must have heard about my 'No-Slippy Clippies'! Here you can read a little about me, what I'm currently creating, and what crazy things are going on in my house. Lucky you, right? Nows your chance... you can still turn back...
If you're still here then here's a little bit of info about myself. I'm a mom to two little girls and soon to be little boy (August will be a crazy month around here!).

I torture my girls daily by experimenting with new hair clips, and it is a known rule that unless there are dire circumstances we do not leave the house without having hair pretties. I used to be able to convince my 3yr old that we needed these hair clips because her hair 'looked like a birds nest' (Poor thing inherited her father's milkshake-thick/brillowy hair) now when she seems me coming armed with the brush, an ouchless (yeah right) elastic, and a the hair clip box she quickly runs away screaming 'No birds nest mom! I'm fine!' And ofcourse my 2yr old sees this and has also decided hair pretties are not to be had unless you go down fighting first. The neighbours probably think I issue morning beatings on a daily basis the way they go on about it. Once they have their appropriate clips in place they'll be the first to see 'Look Dad! I Pretty!' No thanks to me ofcourse. And we'll still have to have this fight tomorrow. Oy.

I have a blast making MMPretties but, I have a hard time selling the pretties because I form attachments to them all. Yes I form attachments to inanimate objects. This is just the tip of the iceburge here. We definately keep more than we sell, but I take the time to put love and personality into each clip, especially when I'm making it for a specific person, I want them to love it as much as I did. Sort of like finding a home for a beloved pet that you simply cannot keep because Animal Control is already high on your tail about the urban zoo you're already housing. I love getting feedback on these guys, so any ideas you have to change them up or improve them please don't hesitate to let me know, even if you think they suck. Someone has to, this isn't a perfect world and neither are my clips. Sometimes the fact that they're all hand made is lost on people. I'm not a robot, I do not have machinery that is set up for a clippie making assembly line and I just push the bottom. I try to make each clip as perfect as humanly possible, but again, I am human so it wont always be perfect, but it'll certainly be pretty!

In the next few months I hope to add a few of my other hobbies on here as well. I hope to be able to stock my 'boutique-style' burp cloths, trendy wipe containers, and frilly tutus. At some point I may punish you all by incorporating my scrapbooking fetish as well.

In addition to torturing my kids with fancy hair thingies I'm also obsessed with the antique market and all that entails.
In a perfect world I would spend my weekends garage saling to find beautiful old things that exude character followed by hauling them all up to the antique market where I would single handedly pair each beautiful old item with a new owner who will love and cherish them even if their paint is all full of things like lead and they've been hanging out in someone's basement for the last 60 years. It's would be a very noble practice if you ask me. But in reality all that leady/musty/chippy bunch of antique goodness would end up in my house. We would have to move because there would be no room for us. Thus, I am not allowed to make the antique market my business.

I think that about sums it up for now, especially since I just spent over an hour tweaking the layout of this post and it's pictures. That was a lot of work. For future reference my future posts may not be nearly as colourful or interesting (Or not?) as this clearly eats away from hair clippie making time!

Hopefully I'll have MeaghanMariePretties.Etsy.Com up and running shortly and that'll take care of the pictures aspect of my posts!

Thanks for taking a look and I hope to be supplying you with something ridiculously cute to adorn your little ones head! (Hmm... is that weird?)

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