Friday, October 17, 2008

You Know You're Losing It When...

... I have decided I am officially losing it. My marbles are gone, the lights are out and nobody is home. Not kidding. Here are some signs that I have indeed lost it and should be waiting for the men in the white coats to arrive anytime now...

* Dream about reading email replies you haven't gotten. Then be unsure the next morning whether or not that was a real email and if you should respond or not...

*Spend the day asking Mr. Pretties 'Did I already ask you...' and having him answer yes about 90% of the time.

*Following up the above question with 'I know I already asked you this, and you anwered me, but I don't remember what the answer was...'

*Asking questions like 'If the moons really bright at night, does that mean it's a nice sunny cloud free day on the other side of the world?' (Mr. Pretties likes to answer these questions with a look of disbelief...)

*Being easily convinced that the new orange cat that keeps showing up on the porch is Ralphie reincarnated. Then hold said cat on lap while sobbing tears of sheer joy. I so wish I was kidding.

*Asking Mr. Pretties if he ever dreams in black and white. Ask this because you just had a dream the night before in black and white, taking place in the 60's and his mom was there...

*Realize Little Boy Person has pooped out his diaper and filled the entire leg of his sleeper. Start laughing hysterically, so hysterically in fact that you have tears streaming down your face. Then proceed to carry him back and forth between the bedroom and the bathroom trying how best to tackle this situation.

It's getting a little bit scary actually. Don't you lose a certain amount of brain cells with each child you have? Thank god we're done, I don't think I can stand to lose anymore and still function safely... Hopefully in a few months my sanity will come back to me.

*Where am I going and why am I in this hand basket?!*


  1. hahaha....ya know there is such a condition as mom-nesia...I swear I saw it on Dr.Phil or the Doctors or something!! haha~!! I think I've done some of those too though!!

    PS in regards to your interior decorating mantel mishap....haha that made me laugh cause I remember that post!! lol...just so ya know!

  2. LMAO!! I can so see that happening to me. You're not alone!

  3. I just came across your blog this morning and I am already hooked.

    I just loved the wandering from bedroom to bathroom with the pooptastic child.


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