Friday, November 7, 2008

Boy Do I Smell Sweet...

... Oh wait, no I don't...
Ahh yes, BLP and LLP have dumped an entire large, full, bottle of powder all over my bedroom. And themselves. Oh, and the cat none the less. Here we are before going straight into the bathtub, complete with zero playtime.
Powdering Mommy's room is a serious offence, you know! Or, atleast I can pretend it is, for their sake you know. In reality, there are so many worse things that my bedroom and my children could be covered in that I'm almost grateful. I said almost.
And just for the sake of it, and for the fact that I had to take a 'right now' photo for Babycenter here are me and the LBP. Don't scream too loudly now, and no, I am not capable of taking my own picture. Obviously.
I've also decided I'm going to start taking my eye bags grocery shopping with me from now on, it'll save me from having to buy them there or carting around my 'green' ones.


So, that's today in the life of the Pretties.

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