Monday, November 24, 2008

Crack Me Up...

... Omg, I'm totally laughing here. I've received four emails this morning asking where my post is! I'm working on it, I promise. Honestly though? I just spray painted about 723,000 photo frames, a lamp (bye bye nasty gold), a vintage bread box, and thatched chair, and an urn. My hand is covered in spray paint and smells. My house smells like a permanent market blew up in it and I have to trace the frames onto paper so I can place them right on the walls. I also have to matte the photos and frame them. That kind of sounds like a lot of work... it's a lot easier to just take a nap and pretend I'm waiting for the paint to dry still... I also don't think we have camera batteries again. How about if I put it off until tomorrow, but, include my new sock monkey pictures? Yes? Excellent...

1 comment:

  1. Too funny! How do you have all that energy? I have a sick husband, which is worse than being sick myslef!


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