Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mom and Me Expo 2008 - Grimsby, On

... I lurve me some mum2mum sales. Like, a lot. This year I get to be a part of Grimsby's 2008 Mom and Me Expo. It's taking place November 22nd from 10am - 2pm at the Peach King Center on Livingston.

The expo this year has things like this going on:

Featuring children's programming information, fantastic mompreneurs, creative ideas, green ideas, beautiful items to purchase, and an ever popular mom 2 mom sale!

Great event for those that are expecting, have young or school ages children, and anyone who needs to get Christmas gifts. Don't miss this exciting event!

Location: Peach King Centre, 162 Livingston Ave, Grimsby
Cost: Free Entrance

Table cost: $20-$40 Vendors needed (mom 2 mom vendors, mompreneurs and businesses welcome)
Contact: Sarah Sweeney, 905-945-1288
Other: strollers welcome, fully accessible site, giveaways.

Also, on the same day, directly across the street Kiddie Kastle

is having a mom2mom sale and more! Woohoo, a mom-sale-athon, my absolute fav! So those moms who feel like having a mom-a-thon will be all set! It's from 8-10am and the expo is 10-2 so I'm totally stoked that I can shop both! Yay me! Kiddie Kastle's sale benefits OEY (Ontario Early Years Centers) which benefits the kids (LLP lurves her some Kiddie Kastle) so it's for a great cause. They have goings on such as:

We are also hosting a bake sale, penny sale, silent auction, and book sale

Date: November 22, 2008
Time: 8:00am - 12:00pm
Location: Blessed Trinity High School, 145 Livingston Ave., Grimsby
More Info: we would like to invite families to become vendors for tables ($25 for one or two for $40). If anyone is interested in donating items for the bake sale, penny sale, silent auction or book sale this would be appreciated.

Please contact us at 905-309-7641

Like I said, I love things like this, they are way too much fun. Except for the part where I spend 16 hours a day with my clippie making paraphernalia stuck in my hand surrounded by mounds of clippies. So far I have completed 150 of them, I plan to get up to 600, plus I'm going to break out the big guns and do some recycled crayons (not really recycled, they're brand new...)

and glass magnets.

I have have so much fun doing things like this it's probably totally unhealthy! I'll post the link for those who read the blog and are local, they should have it up shortly once they know for sure what vendors they've secured.

In addition I've gotten myself involved in the CatMobile (I do love my pet projects, in both senses of the word!)

I love their concept that no cat should be put to sleep due to lack of a home for it. I practically made that one up myself, but just didn't get it out there. Just saying... So they're having a fundraising bazaar (I'll post the date when I know, or they know, or something...) and I'm donating some handmade catnip knotties

felted bell balls

and catnip crinkle bags.

Somewhere during all this I'll also feed three kids and seven cats... clearly that'll take a backseat though, we all have to have priorities... kidding.

So, if you're going to be in the Grimsby area on November 22nd from 10am - 2pm please stop by and say hi! Just try not to stare at my pants checking to see if I've split these ones (I split a second pair last week, I'll post pictures soon, of me not wearing them, ofcourse) okay? Thanks. The entrance is free and it sounds like it's going to be fab. Plus, if you love pretties, it's almost guaranteed I wont be the only one selling them so the selection will be fantastic!

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