Tuesday, December 16, 2008

*Big Sigh*

Honestly, you'd be amazed how healing 30 minutes of absolute quiet can be. Seriously. It can take screeching banshees, demolition salvage, and frayed nerves and turn them into fluttering butterflies, a spa retreat, and total relaxation. Ahh....

Kidding. Sort of.
The LP's are sound asleep in their beds. My house is trashed from ten hours of LP-palooza, but I'm okay with that. For atleast the next ten minutes anyway, then I have to snap to it and restore this house to it's original lustre. Or atleast make it look half decent. Whatever. But, in my improved mood it's made me feel busting out the camera and sharing my apron finds, which may or may not have fueled a new and unhealthy addiction...

This one is really cute, it's sheer organza with a vintage apple print. So cute.

There's just something about this one that I really like. It's so crisp and neat, and the colours are really relaxing. Can't you picture someone's mom or grandma in the kitchen baking a pie in this?

I was going to share my vintage linen pillowcases too, but they sort of need to be ironed. A lot. Especially after sitting in the dryer all night, and, I'm not really in the ironing kind of mood... that really only happens once a year and it's already happened for this current fiscal year thanks.

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