Monday, December 1, 2008

Can Your Brain Be Used As A BlackBerry...

...You know, because you can use a BlackBerry as a brain and all.

Do you know how fab this blog would be if I had one? For some reason, whether it be alcohol consumpsion, medication, or 30 seconds of complete relaxation and quiet, but before I fall alseep I come up with the most inspired posts you'll never read. Seriously.

I think up these great posts and then I'm like 'Wow... that was an amazing post, if I hadn't just thought I wouldn't think my brain capable of such guiness in it's purest form... I would win the hypathetical Nobel Peace Blog Prize for that... I should get out of bed and go type it... Right now... Am I there yet?


Yeah I'm awesome like that.

So if you want to blame the blogs recent suckiness on something, blame in on my lack of a BlackBerry. Between that and a Pink Dell I just don't have the completely necessary tools to come up with fabness.
Instead, you'll have to listen to my Kijiji rants, my need for old crap I have absolutely no room for, and the top 50 list of things Mr. Pretties does to annoy me.

Like scratch his chest hair.

I can. not. stand that sound.


See what I mean?

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  1. The sound of chest hair being scratched. I shudder with you!! I hadn't realized how much that bothered me until I read what you wrote AND I HEARD IT!!!!!
    Thanks!! LOL


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