Sunday, December 7, 2008


... Cordelia's Cottage located in San Diego, CA

This blog is about a couple who own an antique shop. Need I say more?

I thought not.

Besides living my own personal dream, they have fabulous things like this:

And their shop is adorable like this:

And like this:

And she suggests fantastic books like Cottages by the Sea by Linda Leigh Paul where you can see amazing little cottages like this:

Cordelia's Cottage will now be living on our sidebar, because anyone who reads this blog will love that blog as much as I do. Even though I can't actually buy anything... Hmm... maybe they ship?

Apparently they do ship. Worldwide infact... I stumbled across their Ebay store this evening, you know, because I'm a stalker like that... Hey, we already knew that, so don't be all making those 'Omg...' eyes at me. Anyways... If you're a stalker too... I mean interested here's the link:


  1. oh how adorable! I love little shops like that. I'll have to go check out that blog now ;)

  2. I love archetictural salvage. I even have dreams about it.

    Your blog is looking nice, lady!



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