Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm Dreaming of A Pink Christmas...

I didn't share what I received for Christmas this year. You'll all be so happy because it means you'll never have to hear me curse it again. My sewing machine that is. Check out this cutie patootie:

How freaking adorable is that?! Do you know how much more adorable my creations will be now that my machine is pink?! Aunt Pretties bought it for me and I couldn't be more stoked about it. Ofcourse now I can't sleep at night because of the 50,000 ideas floating around in my head. And because my machine is pink, how could I possibly go on using the piece of green fabric I'd been using as a pin keep? The hell you say! So I had to obtain this tiny piece of wool deliciousness:

And although I find it's stick pin 'tail' most appealing, with the LPs under foot I can't have that. I also can't have a bird sans tail, so I purchased a bunch of fluffy black (there was no white, and the beak is black, so lets just say it matches for now) feathers to stick in instead. I also came across these:

Seriously now? Are those not so entirely adorable? I thought so. I haven't bought any yet, but I will. How can I stick those offensive little yellow pins in that adorable pink bird when there is this type of shabby chic alternative? That's what I thought...

So it was indeed a pink Christmas, which is fab because I'm all about pink Christmas. And birthdays. And anniversaries. Oh, and Valentine's Day even though we (Mr. Pretties) think it's lame ;)

What do you get that was fab this year?


  1. I like the pink machine. My machine is older than I am.

    The pins are too cute! I have never seen any like that.

  2. omg HOW adorable! I wouldn't be able to sleep either! And that birdie...PRECIOUS! Absolutely precious. Way to go aunt pretties!


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