Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Seeing Red...

Surprisingly this is not a post about Mr. Pretties. Although... it could be... No, no, it's definitely not, we'll save that post for another day.

So LBP was up the majority of the night lastnight as he has the cold from hell. Seriously. I have to watch over him less his nose crust over entirely. MmmMmm. Aren't you glad you have that pleasant vision in your head? So, sleep was at a minimum. Mr. Pretties thought he'd be a gem and take LBP around 7am and let me sleep in. That is the most direct route to my heart, I lurve sleeping in a very unhealthy way.

I was in bed thoroughly enjoying my sleepingness when I heard BLP screaming and crying like a nut. You have to know BLP to understand that she frequently is screaming crying like a nut, so this is not abnormal. But this was one of 'those' cries that you just know something is not right. I don't remember getting out of bed, or getting to the livingroom across the house, I just remember being there asking BLP what happened. And then she turned around.

Oh. My. God.

There was blood spurting down her back and her hair was soaked with it. So ofcourse my first instinct is to cover her head with my hand, and then run to locate Mr. Pretties (who was taking the trash out as is happens, a mere 5 feet away), because, you know, he's so valuable in high stress situations. Not.
I sat down with BLP on my lap yelling 'I don't know what to do!!' (Note, that's basically 'my line' when it comes to these types of events even though injuries and blood do not bother me in the least and I do infact know what I'm doing) all of a sudden I could feel the warm blood seeping through my fingers and had to grab a clean cloth, put it over the cut (which by the way is the size of a nail head, as in, it's nothing) and say in my most dignified voice ' Uhhh...here Mr. Pretties, hold this firmly on her head, I just have to go throw up for a minute...' We'll sum up this moment of weakness to my lack of sleep, and the manner in which I was awoken...

All retching aside, I got her 'boo boo' all stopped up, cleaned up the crime scene that was my kitchen, changed out of my blood sprayed shirt (which was white, btw, naturally), and checked for signs of concussion. We were good to go. Just a little morning excitement, you know? As it turns out she was jumping on her bed (which I tell her not to do, oh, about 78,559,874 times on a good day) and fell off, banging her head on the cast iron radiators in the process. Nice.

It always amazes me that BLP is about a million times more careful that her counterpart LLP, yet she's always the one who has these issues (Tractor ride anyone?), I just don't understand!

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  1. oh my! I would have been in total freakout mode! Glad everything got handled and you got a *little* bit of extra sleep!


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