Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And A Little DIY

I should really hang on to this so I don't have to wrack my brain for Shabby Share next week... But, I really enjoyed this site!

I'm all about DIY, Trash to Treasure, decorating flea market style, etc... but sometimes (read: A lot of the time) it's hard to come up with original and interesting ideas for each piece of trash that comes in the door.
has a whole 'file' system of tricks and projects put together by herself and her fabulous team. The trash to treasure section is organized by piece (ie, windows, doors, grates, etc...) and she has so many fantastic ideas, all of which are useful, doable, and totally cool! It seems like everytime I have to Google something about home decor, shabby style, arc. salvage ideas RoboMargo pops up, so, I decided I better check out the site, since it's clearly calling to me. I'm hooked. I may never have to use my own brain again when it comes to what to do with all my trash!

I lurve old windows, old windows are fab! But, I don't always (as in never) have inspiring ideas for them. I hang them on the wall like everyone else, pop a mirror behind them, hang them from the veranda, you know, the usual. But check this out:

It's a freaking greenhouse. If my only purpose in life was to sit and stair at a pile of old windows and figure out cool things to do with them, I would never, and I meant never, have thought of this myself. I'm so lurving this, and now require a pile of windows. Good thing I know GreenSpot Antiques in Cambridge just got a truckload in. Here's a variation of this idea, but for those paneless windows:

Not to mention the tables/frames/pot hangers she's created from these great finds, her site is limitless! I wont even get into the fabulous things she's found to do with old doors!

As a closing thought, how cute is this?

I am so making me one of those! I have no clue what exactly I'm going to do with it, but, I am having one of those! And then... I'm taking it to the antique market ;)


  1. I love the window green house. I have a pile in the garage that I have been thinking of doing that to. I have the perfect corner in my garden for it.

  2. I love the window greenhouse too...hummmm gives me some ideas too...but I love that little thingy with silverware!!! I think it would sell too. I have a chime with silverware hanging...love it!!


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