Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello? Brain?

It's Jenn, I was just wondering if you could just like stop by for a moment, I need to do some blogging and your co-operation would be greatly appreciated... Thanks so much...

Seriously. I don't know where my brain's at, but I can tell you where it's not. I've been wanting to blog so badly but I haven't experienced any great blog fodder lately. Friday was BLPs birthday and I couldn't even pound out a half decent sounding tribute to that. How sad is it when you can't put together a post about your oldest daughters fourth birthday?! I did LLPs back in September but for the life of me could. not. come out with anything worth typing!

My cousin did a party of BLP's birthday yesterday with five other LP's running around, good times were had by all, the BLP in particular. Obviously. We were pretty low-key Friday, we had big plans and then a change of big plans, so we played it up Sunday. BLP goes to preschool Tues/Thurs so we didn't send anything special to share on Thursday, we suck. Tomorrow the preschool is taking them bowling, I'm going to hang around for that event, hopefully I'll have some adorable bowling pictures.

Oh! I forgot to share, I finally got a new camera. Finally. It's pink. 'Nuff said ;) So I can take half decent photos now, you lucky lucky readers ;)

Remember those orange cats I took in several months ago? The ones that were fixed, vaccinated, etc... ? Uh huh. Apparently they're not as I now have four polydactyl kittens under my dresser. This is the price you pay for being a sucker. Lady was due for her spay, but instead, we got kittens. Good. Grief. They're about three weeks old now and just starting to venture out from under the dresser, kittens+small children = mommy's stressed.

Little Boy Person is growing like a freakin' weed! He's practically the size of a football player just now... not really sure how that transpired since he was a normal sized baby at birth... honest. He's cute and cuddly though and has learned to creep (Baby+Creeping=Mommy's Stressed!) and can sit up/roll over and he's really excelling at the ability to not sleep and screaming really loudly. I guess we all have to be good at something... personally I would have went with pincer grasping, or say, chomping on toes, but to ea ch their own. I suppose.

All in all, that's where we're at. Not much blog fodder or items of interest on the agenda, but I felt I needed to add something to the blog since it's been pretty sucky lately (I know, not much of an improvement. Sorry).

Hopefully I can regale you all with the wonders of 3 and 4 year olds bowling... this should be amusing ;)

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