Monday, February 9, 2009


Nope, this isn't a Valentine's Day post. Now that the weekend is over and I've had time to sit back and review it, I have to say, Mr. Pretties really can be a pet ;)

The LPs required new beds. BLP's was older (ahem, as in from when I was her age...) and LLP's was still a wee toddler bed (she's only 2, give me a break!) so we needed to something about that situation. We talked about bunk beds, we talked about Ikea, we talked and talked and talked. And when I got tired of talking I went on Kijiji (when in doubt...) I usually keep my browsing limited to Hamilton/St. Catharine's/Brantford, you know, reasonable driving distances.

This time I happened to click on London and seriously, what was the first thing to pop up? Matching antique shabby chic four poster beds. Fate, I'm telling you! So Mr. Pretties and I headed up there (read: 2 hours away) to pick them up. Oh. And I got another washstand (sorry, but the black one wanted a sibling, who am I to deny that?!). These beds are super gorgeous, I love them more than it probably healthy. The LPs love them too, ofcourse. Although I told them it was a surprise (they had no idea new beds were coming) so we did the whole 'reveal' thing and they walked in and said:

BLP: Wow! New beds!!
LP: That's a big bed!
BLP: Mommy, where's my 'prise?
Me: This is your surprise...
BLP: Oh. Where's another 'prise?
Me: *Sigh*

Oh well, I should have known that was more of an adult excitement than a child's. So I spent yesterday with a can of white spray paint in one hand and a piece of sand paper in the other, taking care of important things like shelves, lamp shades, trim, doors, window sills, etc... I even got to hang my .50 curtains in their window, and I might add, they're pretty adorable and quite suitable!

I'll post pictures soon. I'll have to borrow Aunt Pretties camera because ours took the final crap out that no amount of counter bashing would solve. It's so shabby and cute in there I wish it were my room!
Next Up:

I'll be sourcing out an outdated chandelier and spray painting it, then adding the sweet little crystals! I love things like this. It makes me wish I had my own room, sharing a room sucks! Oh wait... I'm not 12 anymore, it's not cool to go around saying things like that... geez... well, then I wish Mr. Pretties wanted a pink frou frou room as much as I do ;)

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  1. How lucky were you? I can't wait to see photos. We just put Aaron in a twin bed (from a toddler). We are in the process of decorating the room. I need to take photos and post them.

    I love the light fixture. Maybe someday I will get to decorate for a little girl.


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