Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Can You Hold?

... Or my furniture fetish (ie. sickness) has reached a new level...
Mr. Pretties usually phones home on his lunch to see how everyone's doing, and, obviously, because the tremendous pain of being apart from me for more eight hours at a time is far too much for one human to bare. Clearly. You might not want to cross reference that with Mr. Pretties though, you know, because he gets embarrassed about stuff like that. Or something. Anyways... so as I'm hosting an intriguing discussion of what kinds of diapers I've changed this afternoon, who threw what in the aquarium, and whether or not I think Wilma might not be feeling well since she's been boycotting the bed all day (yeah, there might be something deathly wrong with your cat if it decides not to nap for the entire day...) I spied these sweet little things:

MmmHmm... those are in fact pink antique spindles/balusters. For $5. Seriously? What a steal! So in the middle of my self diagnoses of Wilma's imaginary ailments our conversation (or non-versation as it were) took the following turn:
Jenn: What would you say if I told you I was going to buy pink spindles?'
Mr. Pretties: Pink what?
Jenn: Pink spindles, you know, like when you have a railing and then you have the up and down things (Mr. Pretties requires these kinds of in depth descriptions)?
Mr. Pretties: Uh huh...
Jenn: Yeah those are spindles, someone on Kijiji is selling four of them for $5! AND they're.... pink!!
Mr. Pretties: Pink spindles? No railing? Maybe a table top?
Jenn: No... just spindles...
Mr. Pretties: Why would you want to buy just the spindles?!
Jenn: Umm... because they're pink?
Mr. Pretties: So?
Jenn: They're super cute... and pink!
Mr. Pretties: But what would you do with them?!
Jenn: I don't know... who cares, they're pink...
Mr. Pretties: You would buy them even though you don't know what to do with them?
Jenn: MmmHmm... I'm sure I'd find a use for them sooner or later, maybe for now I could just stand them up in the corner and appreciate their pinkness?
Mr. Pretties: Uhh... can you hold for a second?
Jenn: Sure... why?
Mr. Pretties: I need to make a phone call... do you have the number there for the FUNNY FARM?! Seriously?! Pink spindles?! You're making me sick I have to hang up now... I'll see you when I get home *over exaggerated sigh* pink spindles...
Jenn: Well let's just check Ebay here... Ahh yes... spindles $73.26 shabby baluster pink set of four $34.98 o---
Mr. Pretties: Ohhhh... you didn't say you were going to buy them to sell them! Okay I get it now!
Jenn: Sell them?! I'm not going to sell them!!! Are you crazy?!
Mr. Pretties: Bye...
Obviously by 'I don't know what I'd do with them' I meant 'I don't know what I'd do with them because there are so many options to choose from!' Seriously. They could be table legs, they could be cut down for those cute baluster candle holders, but I adore the point ends, so that wouldn't work. A window table? Yes! An old window table, those can be the legs, that would be fab! There we go, got it all figured out ;)

I guess lusting after pink spindles is a little far fetched, but that's me, take me as I am. Or something...

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  1. Jen...I read your blog about the pink spindles a week ago and laugh till I cry every time I think of it.
    Your husbands response I'm SURE is shared by men around the world.
    It is soooo true and your response is exactly that of myself and my friends who love pink.
    Thanks so much for the story.



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