Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Done Like Dinner...

... Or how not to cook a chicken...
I remembered some blog fodder ;)
Saturday morning Mr. Pretties and I were sitting outside enjoying ourselves some sunshine when we smell smoke. Not from our house. Our driveway and our neighbours are attached so we can see the back of their house clearly, since there isn't anything there. We look over, and low and behold, there's heavy smoke streaming out the back of their screen doors (which were opened and unlocked). So top floor tenants (duplex) call 911 and we wait. Mr. Pretties calls in to see if anyone's in there, which they aren't. but, their little dog is. Being the animal suckers that we are Mr. Pretties goes in to look for the dog, barely being able to see the smoke was so thick. He finds the dog on the main floor bedroom and I grab her leash from the doorway and we bring her home and wait for the fire department. It was seriously like 10 more minutes before they arrived to check it out. Keep in mind this particular neighbours uses oxygen tanks to breath and has half a dozen sitting inside her kitchen door... (Kaboom! anyone?)
So the fire department comes to find that our neighbour lady has put a small chicken in the oven for dinner, and instead of roasting it (or she roasted it alright) she put it in the oven and then set it on the self cleaning setting... Omg... So other than a major smelly house there wasn't any damage (although note: they said the dog wouldn't have made it with the amount of smoke that was in there when they arrived) so they air the house out, note that there were no smoke alarms going (bad!) and went on their way.
We took the dog home with us to wait for it's owner to get home. We were sitting outside with her when she arrived home completely oblivious to the previous going-ons. She sees us with the dog and comes over in a right aggressive mood with:
'What the hell?! You decide to walk my dog and just help yourself into my house and get her?!'
Yes, that's exactly what we did... with three little ones and a BBQ to get ready for we have nothing at all better to do than break into your unlocked house to find your dog and talk it for a random walk... never mind that we've never ever done that or expressed an interest in doing it the entire three years we've lived here... However...
I then explained that she tried to self clean her chicken instead of roasting it and it resulted in a smoke engulfed home that the fire department just left from... that in turn brought her to tears and next thing I know she's hugging and kissing us while crying her little old lady eyes out. Which them makes me cry my non-so-little-old-lady eyes out! She ended up being super thankful that Mitsy had been saved and her house only needs a new coat of paint to be back to itself again.
Oy! What day that was...

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