Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blanket Anyone?

I found my way back to Etsy this morning and I can't believe I forgot how much I love it!! I think I might even re-open Meaghan-Marie's again for the summer (I don't know, for some reason I'm only clippie inspired during the pleasant weather...), I see Michael's has some fabulously fun spring/summer themed ribbon on sale this week, and the LP's are running low on clippies, so I think I'll hop to it.

And like most people now that the warmer (I say warmer, not warm, because so far warm weather has forgotten to show up thus far...) weather has arrived and I have an extreme need for knitting a blanket. What's that? That's only me? Figures. That could be a normal statement (minus the summer part) for most, except for the part where I don't know how to knit. Huh. Okay, I can knit basics (you know, adding a few rows here, taking a few away there, ending up with something even Grandma can't sort out) but I can't cast on/off or do anything that looks pretty. So, I'm going to teach myself to knit, and knit well. In the summer. With handspun wool because I can't ever just do anything normal. I know when I tell Mr. Pretties this he's going to be all 'Why don't you just go to Wal Mart?! Why does it have to be wool? Why hand spun? Why is the sky blue? and Where are my keys?' you know, the usual. But sometimes he just doesn't get it, I have to be different (or so I tell myself). As I was browsing through Etsy I saw this hand spun beauty:

Isn't that gorgeous? Like butterflies, fresh cut grass, daffodils and pansies all mixed together? I can already imagine how wonderful it feels!! And doesn't this look fun?!

Now I'm searching out a pattern (do you use 'patterns' for knitting?) that'll make a neat blanket, not just an 80's style afghan. We'll see how this pans out, if not, everyone's getting scarves (or what I'll be calling scarves) for Christmas this year ;) Let's all cross out fingers because no one wants that.

This hole wool/roving/handspun deal might actually fit into TNLP (the new life plan) that we're currently planning. I've had an epiphany and it involves things like this:


I'm not sure which 'theme' we're going with for TNLP, but one of this should do it. It also involves things like this:

(Note: Don't Google chickens... it's not pleasant... and this photo is linked to it's original site.)

And things of this nature. We're thinking we need to move out on to some land, plant some fruits/veggies and have ourselves some chickens ;) Ofcourse this will only work in a completely adorable little town where everyone knows your name (sing it with me now!) Harrowsmith Country Living is the magazine you see at the check out counter at the mercantile (yeah, a mercantile would be way great) and where we live in an adorable old farmhouse with a huge veranda, great stairs and a scullery :) Obviously the plan needs some work, but it's a big deal for us and we're going to bust rear to make it happen. Hopefully. Soon. No doubt you'll be forced to listen to me blahing more about TNLP in the near future. Sorry.

Our latest find in the shabby/antique side of things is this little guy:

For $30 I'm crossing my fingers that the seller keeps his word and doesn't sell it before Saturday morning when we can pick it up. I'm doubtful to say the least, but we can hope! It'll be another cutie for the LP's room. Or my room. Or whatever, who cares where it goes, it's sweet I'll find it a home :)

I came across this picture while cleaning up our memory card, I think it sums up our year end preschool trip a few weeks ago:

Have a happy Thursday!!!


  1. I'm digging TNLP! CUTE!!

    Also, please open the etsy store back up! We NEED clippies!

  2. I know what your talking about with the yarn. Gotta go for the unique expensive stuff. I'm a sewer not a knitter, but am lucky to have a mother in law who always has a project on the go. We have many a knitted item at our place.
    Good to see you back.
    Have a sunny day!


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