Sunday, July 26, 2009

So Many New Loves...

It's funny how your blog interests can change over time, isn't it? This time last year (Oh! Hey! Meaghan-Marie Pretties is now official 1 year old!) I read blogs from my mommy site, and would find the occasional gem through their favorites. I still read most of those blogs like I do the morning paper, but now I'm finding so much inspiration through these fabulous shabby/cottage/junk blogs that I'm starting to panic about what where I'm going to find 'junk' for my decor come the cold weather... I guess we'll go with this old saying that my great grandmother used to so:
"Never trouble trouble 'til trouble troubles you, for if you trouble trouble, it'll surely trouble you..." You get the jist of it ;)
So for those of you who don't analyze and memorize my blog list down the side (Ofcourse I know you all do since no one around here has a life, kids, or junking to do or anything... kidding) I thought I'd note some of my new and regular favs!
A fabulous blog by Sarah Down Under in Australia, totally fresh and definitely adorable! I've also now convinced Mr. Pretties we need to make a move to Australia because of this blog... and she's my hero for proving your house can be cottage white chic, and you can keep the kids!
A fun, funny, down to earth blog by a salvage chic store owner whom I live vicarously through ;) Definitely a keeping it real antique blog
Such an sweet blog! Great ideas, AND Rhonda hosts Today's Thrifty Treasures Mr. Linky parties!!! SO fun, what's better than a weekend of treasures? Seeing what everyone else got as treasures!!
I love this blog, Marcella is so sweet and her and her sisters shop Nice and Easy Antiques is fab!!! It really bugs me that we have them on our blog roll, but Mr. Blog Feed wont show that it's updated regularly - not once every three months!!
Is a new one for me and I'm loving it, and am crazy jealous over A) her store and B) her blogroll, there appears to be TONS of fabulous blogs that would appeal to me, I'm almost afraid to start clicking on them. Isn't that the black hole Twitterers are always talking about getting sucked into? Doesn't once have to limit their favs in order to, I don't know, live? Dilemas, dilemas... kidding. Obviously so many have so many huge issues that I feel bad joking about stuff like that.
Mr. Pretties and his awesome BIL picked up a sweet 1940's bulbous legged dresser that was made for shabbying lastnight, I now have three lined up to finish and decide if they stay with us or go... I have one that's ready to leave, it's out of my system I just need to photograph it and list it. Maybe tomorrow, right? I'll have pictures for sure, I just hope I can get 'befores' of this new dresser before I start on it because it is SO awful. It's streaky brown oil paint covered in drips, splotches and painted on hair... Mmm... it will be SO fabbity fab when it's done though!
That's all! Remember folks, practice safe blogging (and blog reading), and keep an eye out for those black holes!!! Mr. Pretties has gone in to the clinic to have his leg looked at so I think I'll have a quite evening of catching up with some reading (of the paper variety).

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  1. I never knew there were so many blogs out there for antiquing. I love the totally lets you meet people online with the same interests!


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