Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hmm... So Etsy does have it's faults...

Have you ever done something and wanted to beat yourself for it? Then realized it wasn't your fault at all and want to beat the other party? Me too. At 12:54am lastnight I could have beat Etsy senseless. I've been fine tuning my descriptions, tags, what nots and was just finishing up when I made the mistake of pressing the 'back' button on my web brower. No big deal, right? The back is infact for going back, right? Wrong. Very, very, wrong. If you press the back button during the editing item part of Etsy you will simply delete that item and all the work you put into listing it. So PSA - on Etsy editing 'Back' button = Delete button. Don't do it. And certainly, if you do it once, please don't do it five more times after that just to prove what a knob you are. I personally wouldn't know anything about doing things like that, but I imagine a person could do it, and then really want to beat themselves. Not only is it a pain to relist items, you also have to pay a whopping .20 a listing and because the item has been deleted anyone who has 'hearted' it sees it as sold, which it's not, which just annoys me. In addition to this little bit of aggrevation lastnight I also paid to have my three most popular items in Showcase - excellent! Except for the part where while Mr. Pretties and I took the little pretties to the beach for the day all three of those items sold out. So my $7 listing listed... you got it - Nothing! Oh the hilarity. Not that I'm complaining, I'm thrilled to be selling my items! It just would have been nice to have them showcased. I knew I shouldn't have left the house... And I'm sure the people at the beach who were exposed to my Casper-esque whiteness and pregnancy inspired whale-like appearance feel the same way ;)

I think my computer is just trying to mess with my head. I came onto the blog this morning to check out the traffic (or lack there of...) and the blog was puke green. It had no traffic counter. It had no Etsy-Mini. It was very ugly. And my first thought was 'Omg! Someone broke into the blog and stole everything!!!' After several long seconds of panic I convinced myself this simply was not possible, no matter how cute everything is. Phew. So when I signed in and looked at the blog is was fine. I hope when I sign out and posting this it's also fine. I would hate to think I was looking at such an adorable blog this whole time while you all were looking and that nauseating pea-green piece of uglyness. That would explain the lack of comments, I know you all wouldn't want to hurt my feelings or anything, but if that happens again I need to know because we just can't be having that!

Why is it after I made the most adorable envelopes known to humanity people all of a sudden want to pick up their orders? Are you trying to tell me something? Maybe I'm the only one who would be stoked to get cute mail. I'm wishing I had mailed the big-little pretty's preschool applications in one of these pretty packages, then surely the administration would see what a fun, cool, and dedicated mom I am and that they desperately need me on their craft board and therefore must admit BLP into their institution ASAP. Let me just mention, this isn't private preschool or anything either (Not that there's anything wrong with that - just out of our financial reach). Nope, it's just a normal co-op preschool which I have severe mixed feelings about starting in September. On one hand I'm so excited for BLP to being doing something so grown up, so kid oriented, and undoubtedly so fun. On the other hand this is entirely unacceptable. She absolutely cannot be old enough to be left at daycare alone, what are we thinking?! What if the other little kids make fun of her? It's really making me debate homeschooling, that could working couldn't it? Or I could be the classroom volunteer... every. single. day. I'm sure the other mother's wouldn't mind.

I wish I had something witty and funny to write about our trip to the beach yesterday but, I simply don't. It really wasn't that exciting. Not even a 'a seagull pooped right on my ....' story. Sad, eh? It wasn't very sunny, the water was pretty seaweedy, and I sat on the remains of a fish head. We watched the old man, who was very clearly doing his best impersonation of Magnum P.I. as he strutted the beach in his speedo with his cigarette pack tucked neatly down the side... We played in the water. LLP had 700 tempertanrums because her lips were blue, she was too cold to go back in the water, but desperately wanted to try anyway. I remember those days. Like most family outings this ended in screaming, crying, and everyone vowing never to go out together again. The kids weren't happy either. How do normal families pull off this whole family time thing? We must've missed that parenting seminar, because some families just have it down to an art and we're the people everyone else is staring at. Well not quite that bad. But close. We've had 3 1/2 years to practice this family together situation, I guess some people need more practice than others.

I hate Michaels. I never thought those words would come out of my mouth (Err... keyboard). I went there Friday morning to get some ribbon I needed and some fabric stiffener. They. Had. Nothing. I left empty handed. This does not happen. I was so flippin mad too because I want to get these wedding clips out in the mail to be double sure they're at their new home in time. What is wrong with Micheals?! It's like now that they have that 'Knack Shack' they have nothing else in the store and everyone will be cool with that. I for one am not cool with that. The ribbon I required wasn't even unusual, unpopular, or anything. It should have been there. So I asked if they had some around somewhere else, or if maybe it would be there the next day... no. But, they have the same sized ribbon in the same material in green, wouldn't that due instead? For sure! I have no doubt that my customer that needs brown satin clips to match a chocolate brown flower girl's dress will be equally thrilled with some sage green ones instead. Definitely. I wish I'd thought of that simple solution! 'Oh hey, yeah, about the brown clips... they didn't have any brown but, not to worry, I've made you some pretty sage ones instead!' Right. Thanks anyway. This is why I generally don't buy my ribbon from stores. Although with my ribbon sitting at customs right now ordering it online isn't much better. Why doesn't anyone want me to have my ribbon?! Why?! I have things to do people and I have to get them done in the next two weeks before the little boy person makes his appearance!!

Well I have about 7,000 clippies to make since Mr. Pretties is working over time today. I had planned to take the new pictures for Etsy (It's been voted by many, myself included, that I get new pictures, these aren't cutting it) and take some pictures of hair pretties in the pretties' hair to give people a better idea of how they look in. The weather was supposed to be sunny, clear, and wonderful. I even ironed the white linen sheet I was going to use as the back drop for my pictures (It was also voted that my knit sweater in the background was a 'turn off') and what do I wake up to? Rain. Clouds. And more rain. OH WAIT, hold the press, I just looked out the window and apparently while I typed this the sun has made it's way out! Perhaps in a couple hours it will be bright and dry enough to accomplish these things I want done before Mr. Pretties gets home (Mr. Pretties does not particularly get my hair accessory obsession and is not so helpful). Yay!

Keep an eye out for new non-crappy pictures early next week! Tomorrow I'll try to be witty and funny again, I'm on day three of three hours sleep at night and I'm starting to feel it. I guess the first thing to suffer is my sense of humour and writing skills. That's a real bummer for all you. I wouldn't have posted at all, to save you from having to read all this, but I didn't want my blog to go 'stale'. Yeah, like bread. This might have just propelled it straight into moldiness though. Sorry about that.

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  1. Well I seem to like your writing skills and sense of humour! As a stay at home mom myself, your blog just gave a little something extra to my day. I love to 'browse' kijiji and when saw your add I was intrigued. My little pretty has very little hair and I cannot wait to be able to do things with her hair. I then searched the websites that you gave and ended up here reading your blog. Funny how those things work out! Lol! I was having a little trouble figuring out the other site though, where you can purchase your clips. If you could either give me some pointers on how to use that site or try and make arrangments for me to get some of your clips, that will be awesome!!!
    Looking forward to tomorrows witt and humour!~


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