Thursday, July 10, 2008

So I can make an envelope...

I woke up this morning and low and behold, I had my first Etsy transaction! It's not like I haven't sold clips before, but it is just so much cooler to do it from my 'shop' and have an email sent to me about it. It's sort of like a virtual pat on the back... I did a little happy dance in front of the computer and went off to tell Mr. Pretties about this. I just knew he'd be as excited as I was, he'd probably do a happy dance as well and then tell me what a cute, smart, irreplaceable wife I am. MmmHmm... He said 'That's nice'. Yeah. And it wasn't you know 'That's Nice!' = 'Wow, I'm so proud of you, that's so awesome, you must feel really good about it! It must be because your store is so cute and your blog is all pink and brown and stuff' No it wasn't. It was more like 'Huh... I'm not really sure what Etsy is, or a hair clip for that matter, but will it benefit me? No? Oh... well... Huh...' . Sometimes I wonder... So I'll phone someone (Read: Email someone since I'm a phone-aphobe) that cares and it'll be all good.

After filling some hair clip orders (I still receive them mostly from email, can't everyone understand how much more fun it is to do it through Etsy?!) and when I'd filled the orders I could for the day I thought about how I had to ship them. Then it dawned on me that I was out of shipping envelopes. Crap. I suppose I could just hand them to the mailman and ask him to deliver them as is or, I could just go to the post office/Staples/Office Depot and purchase those ugly orange spongey ones (Like any normal person would). Then I remembered seeing some really awesome handmade envelopes on Etsy and I just so happen to have a life time supply of patterned cardstock... So I went to work and came out with something almost exactly like the ones to the side. They're all pink and purple ofcourse. And super cute. They actually bring a tear to my eye when I see them. I am SO stoked about them (more so than I should be) and thought about telling Mr. Pretties about them when he phones from work tonight. Then I came to my senses and decided to pop them on the blog instead. No one appreciating them is far better than someone not appreciating them. I think. I cannot wait to ship out a batch of hair clips on Monday in one of these cuties. It's like getting a present in the mail... albeit a present you paid for... but a present none the less. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when people open their mail and receive this beauty. I personally would be so excited about this envelope I'd forget what I even ordered, or that there was anything even in the envelope. For atleast 30 seconds anyway. I have to go buy labels now since I clearly cannot write on these envelopes because you'd never see the addresses. Did I mention that I also glued a few random pink rhinestones to them too? They'll fall off in the mailing process, but I'll know they were there. I'm also throwing in a thank-you business card to match. All this for a $2.25 purchase. Come. On.

I'm a little disappointed my cupcakes aren't here yet. I ordered my felt cupcakes last week and got an email that they just shipped from the US yesterday. Does anyone know how long it takes to get mail from the US?! We're talking 9-14 business days. Business days. That's like three normal people weeks. They better be here sooner or I'll have to make my own damn felt cupcakes, and after the envelope extravaganza I just might do it too! My friend told me about a really cool place that you can go to and cut out felt shapes, I really need to go, think of the things I could cut out?! I really want to get some flowers made and things like that. The unfortunate part of my weirdness though is that I do. not. drive. ever. I let my driver's license expire two years ago infact. So if I want to go somewhere Mr. Pretties has to transport me. Which usually isn't a problem, but I don't really think he wants to sit in the car with the little pretties while I have a hay day in the resource centre cutting out cutesy shapes and suffering bouts of giddy laughter at all these things I could do with felt shapes. I could utilize some public transportation but as I've mentioned I'm 37 weeks pregnant and to be honest, I walk like a really fat duck and I would be 40 weeks pregnant by the time I got myself to this place of wonders. Under normal circumstances I can out walk Mr. Pretties anyday, now his sslllooowwww stroll is like speed walking to me and it takes forever for me to get anywhere that's not two centimetres away. I'll think of something, it's imperative that I have these cupcakes. And flowers.

I also need to create some hair clip cards. I could purchase them. I should purchase them. But, as I've said, I have alot of cardstock. I also have a snazy pink and brown paper cutting thing that will zip said cardstock into perfect hair clip cards in no time. Will this be good enough for me? Hell no. Then I'll have to get a stamp/sticker/label with the MeaghanMarie logo on it to go on the top, and then I'll have to embellish it (Can you say 'If you give a mouse a cookie...') and then I'll hate myself and wish I'd just had them made. But I'm fun like that. Maybe I'll create them on the computer (Not mine ofcourse, mine is a real life piece of crap that does little other than make the internet work) and print them out? I could do that... it would be pushing my computer know-how but I think I could manage. If anyone wants to throw a new pink Dell laptop, 3-in-1 printer, MS Office, and Photoshop my way I wouldn't be all noble about it or anything...

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