Friday, July 25, 2008

I Think We Passed Family Time 101...

Well we gave that whole 'family thing' a try again today when Mr. Pretties woke up from night shift. I think we actually passed as an average family enjoying eachother's company this time! That's progress people! We took The Pretties to Port Dover:
It was super packed because of summer holidays and parking was brutal (The only time ever I've considered paying $10 to park anywhere) but eventually we made it to the beach. The water was nice, albeit quite sea weedy and gross... We escaped with only two complete melt downs courtesy of The Big Little Pretty. It was the perfect day to go, there could not be a more perfect day ever. I wish we could have stayed all day/evening. We may actually go back tomorrow... no doubt it wont work out as well as today did. Who knows, maybe we'll meet The Little Boy Person tonight instead. Or not.
I hit the hay at 4am this morning. I think I have a problem... fortunately I didn't attempt anything too creative so I have no barf-esque items to share with you today (Big sigh of relief). I did finish 28 clippies, 12 clip cards, and 3 envelopes. I also decided it would be smart to put my glue gun down on my bare leg. I believe it was at this point I decided I needed to go to bed for my own safety. I got to take all that pretty mail to the post office this morning and impress the mail clerk again ;) She was so thrilled with my envis last time that when one of them has still yet to show up over a week later, I'm thinking I know where it went... I hate the postal service. Unless it's bringing me something I ordered, then it's okay.
A really nice person suggested I start a Facebook group for Meaghan-Marie. I hadn't thought of that... so for anyone interested the new group is called Meaghan-Marie Pretties in the search thing. Anyone can join. I think I'll be posting clippie parties on it as soon as we move. I've had quite a few requests for one of these, I simply don't have the room right now. What will happen is I'll have both a rear-end load of clippies already made, ready to take. As well as a promo book with clippies that can be available, and custom order forms. We'll have decadent snacks, drinks, and pick out clippies. I may incorporate some other items at this time too... we'll see how it goes after the move. I usually not a 'selling party' type of person, but it might be fun and there's been a demand. I'll list events like that in this group. It's also got current pictures of what's available in Etsy, just incase typing is too much work ;) I know how that can be. Even though you should have it book marked... Kidding. Sort of.
Have you guys been over to Nester's Nesting Place Blog? I think you should. I love this blog. I've linked it before too, but I think I need to do it again. I love the ideas she has for super cheap/simple/great looking home decor. Honestly, it should be illegal for one person to have all these great ideas, it doesn't leave much for the rest of us (Read: Me). Her blog is down the side or if you don't feel like scrolling down it's and she's got a really great Etsy shop at check out how adorable those ragamuffin garlands are! She's totally into using her ideas so I have two pink/white/cream ones in The Little Pretty's bedroom made of their old baby blankets, clothes, etc... and a black/white/toile/scarlet one in my kitchen from a kit I actually bought from The Nester. I really love them, they're just so cute and foofy and great. There's like a million and one uses for one! Mine aren't nearly as nice as the Nester's but this is the one in my kitchen (I'd planned to have pics from the Pretties room but my camera ate three sets of batteries to get one picture... Yeah it's crap)

I really love it. I could be bigger. Way bigger. But it's the right size to hang on that little shelf in the kitchen. No that's not a string going across the top of the shelf rungs, it's a dried up rose that looks a lot more appealing in person ;)

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  1. I love those! I totally wish I had the time to do them. I know I could, and it would make a great addition to our house.


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