Monday, July 28, 2008

I Should Be Painting Outdoor Rabbits...

I have about 5001 things to be doing right now... so what am I doing? I'm blogging about doing them... perhaps that will motivate me to get them done. Or not. I am suffering from an exhaustion unlike no other right now, I don't know if The Little Boy Person is thinking about making his way out or what but even typing this blog is requiring copious quantities of energy that weren't restored during my nap this afternoon. Yes, that's right, I took a nap. I have a secret love affair with napping and it will be a sad, sad day when I can no longer convince the Little Pretties that they do too.

So on this evenings agenda (I have a love/hate affair with procrastination too...) I need to break out the paint and paint five mirrors for over my mantel because my mantel is butt ugly right now, probably has been for the last two years... and I need to do something about it. I tried just avoiding the living room altogether but it's not as easy as it sounds. So after I paint these mirrors, I need to hang them. I have zero patience for hanging things, we'll see how that plays out. Then I need to shop my basement for several accenty type things that can have a coat of white paint slapped on them and stuck on the mantel and pretend they belong there and were always white. So far I have out door rabbits. White rabbits can be sort of shabby chic/country/elegant, right? We'll see. I keep imagining these great white bottles with puke green candles in them for one side, but I don't have the bottles, or the candles, or puke green paint, and I don't think simply imagining them will make them appear. Crap. I'll see what I can dig up. I have to do laundry too... like I do five times a day, every. single. day. But I figure if the living room stops looking like garbage Mr. Pretties wont even notice the laundry that he'll have to take care of tomorrow before *hopefully* my last obstetrics appt. Mr. Pretties also has a hate-on for the living room, but doesn't have the ability to make it not ugly so that falls into my lap. I put it off for, oh, about six months now, telling him that I need a piece of baseboard to re frame the big mirror with to make it bigger, as well as some crackle medium, cream paint, antiquing medium, and a mitre saw. These supplies have yet to arrive... now I have no choice but to do a half rear ended job just with what I have. Trust me, it will not look even in the same realm of goodness that it would have if I'd had these very important supplies. I'll still take some after pictures, provided the camera hasn't already eaten the batteries I found for it yesterday.

I also have a really cool idea for new clippies involving candy wrappers (Trust me, it's cute) that I'll be working as soon as Mr. Pretties brings me some candy... I'll post about it. Then I'll put it on Etsy. I swear with all the stuff I'm giving away lately I'll have nothing on Etsy soon. That's actually okay though, I enjoy giving stuff away. Most of the time.

I purchased new clip-gripper yesterday, I had it custom cut and everything so it'll save me loads of time. Maybe now I'll be able to go to bed at 3:45 instead of 4am! Yessss! But I'm excited to try it out and see how it compares to the old gripper. I'm hoping this stuff is atleast comparable if not better so I can switch over. It just looks nicer and easier to work with. I hate working with the gripper I have now, it's a nightmare. This will be added to my magnet experiment as well. I may just have both of them be an option on Etsy since different things will work for different people ;) I also purchased custom clip cards. Woohoo! For those who have never received a package from me you wont know that I make all my shipping envelopes as well as my clip cards, thank you cards, and sometimes the tissue paper. This means that each order takes me a long time to assemble. These clip cards are ofcourse pink and brown ;) And will match my business cards whenever I order them (Did I already order them? Who knows!) and they'll be super cute and all I'll have to do is slice them down the sides for the clips to go in. I can even do this with my pink and brown paper cutter. I'm very excited about that. I was going to post a picture of them, but, I'm an idiot and I deleted it already. I hate it when I'm all efficient like that, it usually bites me in the rear end.

This post is crappy, but I'll be back in a couple hours (Hopefully) with pictures and fun stories of all the dumb things I did while I was trying to make my living room non-craptastic!

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