Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mr. Pretties Forgot To Obtain Batteries...

I make one request, please pick me up some camera-food so I can take some pictures for my list-a-thon I've scheduled for today. No problem. Hey Mr. Pretties, where for art my batteries? Ahh... still at the store... I see... I can see how they wouldn't be a priority. Oh wait, no I can't. Now, hypothetical situation, say The Little Boy Person had made his appearance this afternoon (By the way, don't count on him making his appearance anytime in the near, or not-so-near future, we're in it for the long haul now!) how many of his first moments would I have missed because of this error in judgement? Fortunate LBP is sitting tight or Mr. Pretties really could have been in for it. Honestly. Who forgets batteries that are written on the list in your hand, on the last day of the BOGO sale for batteries? I digress...

I read my own blog, everyday after I post in it. I have a horrible habit of things making sense in my head while I'm typing them, but when I go back and read it it makes zero sense at all or the words are all wrong or something. So if you read a post and end up shaking your head and thinking I must be into the Black Ice a little early, come back and read it again in an hour, it just may make more sense then ;) So because I have no pictures to share I would personally skip my own post today. Some how it's just not the same, but I can't just not post today... that wouldn't feel right either and we all know how I feel about 'right'. So maybe I'll dig out some links instead.

I got my new no-slip grips this morning, woohoo! They feel really great (Yeah, I took them out of their envi and rubbed them, very, very nice) and I bet they work marvelously. I'm going to test them out on the Little Pretties tonight and hopefully they're not only compareable to the old ones, but are much, much better. I like things that're better. Not only that, but the seller who sells them (How lazy am I, I had my no-slip grips cut for me... sue me, it takes forever to cut those suckers!) is super duper nice and she lives in Canada so shipping is speedy fast which I also love! Speaking of speedy shipping, or not, my flat plate bobby pins are still not here. I took my envi out of the mail this morning and couldn't figure out why the package was so bendy and non-bobby pin feeling. Then I discovered they weren't bobby pins. They better be here tomorrow, I'm getting annoyed. In addition, I just received an email from USPS that the premade corkers I ordered on the 16th were shipped. Yesterday. Yeah... so they sat around for two weeks before even hitting the mail for another two. I'm not really happy about that. At all. That almost deserves negative feedback. Not only did they not ship until yesterday, but the seller did not take the time to see my name in the payment info and instead took the last name from my PayPal info (Mr. Pretties) and Meaghan from the shop's name. Wait, I believe it was Meghan (not spelled right) at that. So, if this package should for some reason end up at the post office I wont be able to pick it up. I am not Meghan ******, and with the spelling that person does not even exist. In all my time buying on Etsy (I have another 'buyers' account not related to Meaghan-Marie) I have never encountered this problem. I hate leaving negative things, especially since she made an effort to ship it to Canada (Although it did take her a week to make a listing reflecting this... and it's totally not that hard to do, like it would take 30 seconds) but I'm just annoyed. I treat my $3 sales as well as my $30 sales and others should too. Not saying I'm the perfect seller or anything like that, in the past two weeks I've had my fair share of postal issues and supply issues that've needed some patching up but I'm hoping that's something we'll avoid with time. So, we wont be seeing fun corkers in the shop anytime soon. Sorry about that. Really sorry be cause that means I'll have to make them now, and that requires using the oven and heating my house far warmer than I like.

While I was opening my envi from the slip-grip lady I found she had this really adorable 'mini card' tucked in there with her logo, name, tagline, and email. Sounds pretty boring, but it is so sweet! It's really high quality and something I'll totally hang onto because it's so cute and fun, way cooler than a business card! She even gave me the website she bought them on. It's www.Moo.Com they've got some great designs premade or you can upload your own (Or not, as i my case where my files are not working correctly...). I think I'll have a super cute logo created and then have some printed up. These put business cards to shame, these are just so perfect, and tiny and kind of feel like a little present even though they're clearly an advertisement. Moo even lets you print several different prints in one order, and the prices are pretty reasonable. 100 mini cards for $20 + shipping. Not bad! I love ordering from Etsy just to see what neat things sellers tuck into their packages, and I never cease to be amazed! Must be that over flowing creativity they (not me) possess.

I did felt some balls lastnight, but only four. I'm going to try to make some more tonight. I think not having the pins to put them on, combined with the fact that they aren't big sellers on Etsy has kind of dampened my motivation. Not that I couldn't sell them as felt beads too. I just don't want to make all these fuzzy cuties and then have them sitting around the house feeling all bad because no one wants them. Then I'll either have to package them for the mom sales or use them, and I'm more likely to use them because I feel bad for them. Poor babies. Maybe they're happier as roving? They actually look really sweet sitting in little glass containers in the kitchen too, so I could use them as decor too ;) I'll think of something.

I'm going to go do something blog worthy now, and then come back and blog about it when my camera is working. I really dislike this camera. Alot.

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