Sunday, August 3, 2008

We Have Batteries! But No Pictures...

... Yeah I suck. But, I'll be back tomorrow to post some pictures :)

Mr. Pretties is now on holidays for two weeks while we wait for The Little Boy Person to make his appearance, so he's sort of infringing on my blogging time. I know, it really sucks. Alot. But I'll make a better effort starting tomorrow.

I made The Little Boy Person an upholstered wipes container Friday night. It's black and cream toile with black ribbon and a black 'E'. It's really not the best one I've ever made, but I was running out of time, fabric, ribbon, and patience. I'm really not as crafty when Mr. Pretties is home. He sort of saps my creativity and stuff. It is cute though. I have another container that I'm going to do and list on Etsy now that I have batteries for my 'list-a-thon'. Woohoo! I seriously (Yes, I) bought a pack of batteries at every store I've been to this weekend. That should covered me for, oh, about a week.

Remember my post about my sweetheart stray Ralphie? Well Ralphie came home with a mighty bunged up eye the other night. I couldn't get him a vet appointment until tomorrow. He. Looks. Rough. I'm about 97% sure he's going to lose the eye. Everytime I see it it just makes me want to cry (and throw up a little...). My poor boy. Poor Mr. Pretties wallet too because he's going to cost a fortune tomorrow. Some wonderful person on Craigslist suggested we drop him off at the SPCA and they'll surely fix him up and then put him up for adoption :) Uh huh. I worked for a veterinary clinic that worked with the SPCA and I know all to well about 'Kill Day' at the shelter every other week. The only new family my dear Ralphie would be meeting would be the frozen one in the basement freezer waiting for the cremator to pick them up. I'm glad there are folks out there though that still believe the SPCA is a magical place that fixes up all animals and helps them on their way. Surely they help some, but if you're looking to find a new home for a pet, that's pretty much not the way to go. The Toronto Humane Society is supposed to be really good though! So is Burlington Humane, they're 100% no-kill (I volunteered there and know this for a fact) and a really awesome group of people. So, hopefully tomorrow isn't too traumatic for Ralphie and I. If I go into labour Mr. Pretties has already received strict instructions that he is still to take care of this situation because when I get home I do not want to see his eye still looking like that. I will be very angry if it does. But I wont punish you all with the gruesome pictures.

This is a link to an 'inspirational' story about a stray cat named 'Ugly', but inspirational I mean if you have a shred of compassion for animals you will be a crying mess for days. Or, that could just be me. But this just reminds me of what would become of Ralphie if he wasn't with us and I just couldn't bare it. This story is like a canker sore to me, I know it hurts and it brings tears to my eyes but a few weeks later I stumble upon and read it again knowing full well what'll happen. I shall update on Ralphie's situation tomorrow, hopefully we'll have some good news. I'll still love him even with one eye, I'll just feel really bad for him because he had two perfect ones a week ago.

I think that's all that's going on for now... I'll be back tomorrow with some pictures, some updates, and with any luck something interesting to blog about!

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