Monday, July 28, 2008

Okay So Updates Will Have to Wait Until Tomorrow...

... Sorry about that. The mantel is mostly done, I just need to find some white/sage/brown fabric/ribbon to make another garland for the mantel. It absolutely needs one and I just don't have the white/sage to do it. Frig I hate that. It would be SO done other wise. Also, my house is now a disaster. The laundry is still wet. And there is a sink full of dishes... some how crafting puts everything else on the back burner. In addition to this I'm getting the icky bloated/crampy/achy feeling that I'm hoping is not The Little Boy Person planning to make his arrival because I still have stuff to do!

Mr. Pretties will be home from work in approximately six minutes to clean up this disaster. He wont be happy. I don't even think the beauty of the mantel will erase the images of spilled paint in the kitchen courtesy of The Little Pretty. Nope, I really don't think so.

Off to put the wet curtains in the dryer since I'm not really a huge fan of people outside my house watching me sleep... Mr. Pretties likely wouldn't be thrilled either... Can't someone else be doing this?!

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