Sunday, September 7, 2008

I Know... I Suck...

I haven't abandoned the blog, I just suck. I can't even blame the Little Boy Person for my absence because he's basically the perfect baby. I could try pinning the blame on Mr. Pretties... he usually is to blame for most things, but not this one. So, to sum it up, I'm a bad blogger mommy and I suck. Sorry. I'll try to do better from now on.

I finally received my flat plated bobby pins, my roving, and my clippie cards. Finally. What have I done with them? Nothing. Not a damn thing. Again, I suck. I will blame the Little Boy Person for that though. He's not really that good at making felty balls and he hasn't really got the hang of using the glue gun yet, so he's making our production line pretty slow. I'll have to work with him on this as I miss Etsying. I haven't even gotten my clippies done for Little Sprout's Turn Abouts. I also don't have enough to take to my mom sale this fall. Boo. But I AM going to the mom sales. Mr. Pretties thinks I wont have time to get it all organized with three pretties now. But he's wrong. As usual. I'm just not sure which ones we'll be attending yet. I'll let you know.

The Big Little Pretty started preschool on Tuesday. Did you hear that? PRESCHOOL. Uh huh. Pretty scary stuff. We actually did it without a lot of fuss and tears. From either of us. I'm really proud that I was able to find my big girl panties in time to be able to take her without wussing out. Yay me! The BLP really seems to like it too. I get really excited because she paints me pictures every time she goes, I lurves me some painted pictures :) I love them so much I (Read: Mr. Pretties) plan to take a trip to Ikea to pick up a line with clips to hang her pictures on in her room because my fridge is running out of space. I'll have to hang it really high though because The LLP will try to rip them down and sabotage them. She is not happy about The BLP's school business. Not at all. We've had to resort to hanging out at the park and Kiddie Kastle so as to keep out of the wrath of the angry toddler. Plus then it makes me feel like a good parent. Or something. I'm even going to volunteer at The BLP's school, how great am I? I know. Not that great, but I can pretend can't I? The BLP will probably end up being mostly embarassed of me and standing off in the corner crying until I agree to go home. I'm prepared for that because that's how she rolls. Oy.

You know what I thought was funny? I didn't think many people read my blog. Do you know how many emails I got about my Old Navy pant splitting story? 67. Sixty-Seven people read about my crotch hanging out at Old Navy. Wow. I almost wish I didn't post that blog. But, it seems that my story made 67 people's day a little brighter and made them say 'Thank God that wasn't me!' so if I can help one person feel better about their day then I guess it's all worth it. Still, totally embarassing though. One day I'll look back on that event and laugh. Even though my old pants now fit again (Or some of them...) that day is not today. Maybe next week.

I pretty much have no pictures to share today due to a mix of not taking any and being to lazy to go fetch my memory card and reader from the camera that is probably somewhere far away in the kitchen. I just wanted to post so that it's known that I'm still here and that I'll try harder to be an everyday blogger again. Maybe it can me my early New Years resolution? Let's try that. I shall return tomorrow with something witty, sarcastic, and creative tomorrow when Mr. Pretties goes off to work. That gives me 24 hours to rack my brain and think of something. God help us all.


  1. Howdy stranger. It's nice to see you bloggin again!

    Atleast it was 67 people who read about the Old Navy pants split vs them actually witnessing it first hand. ROFL

  2. Im so glad to hear that you are still alive!!!!! I hope that boy soon learns how important crafting really is!!! Oh, school days...I can't wait for that next year, but I never anticipated how the younger one would handle it!!
    Hope all it well and I can't wait to see some new stuff!!!!

  3. Hey,
    From one blogger to've inspired me to start my own blog. I hope you'll check it out!!



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