Thursday, August 14, 2008

Long Time No Post.. And We Have A Little Boy Person!

I haven't abandoned the blog, I simply had to go off and have the Little Boy Person :) Things have been just a little bit on the nutty side around here. The Little Pretties are acting out just a wee bit and sort of making me want to take The Little Boy Person and go back to the hospital where it was quiet and they brought me food ;) I'm pretty sure they wont take me back though... It sort of helps that Mr. Pretties is on holidays for the rest of the week to help but at the same time it's making it a little bit more chaotic having another person around. The Little Little Pretty is taking our new addition a little hard. She was the baby for two years, and now she's not. She's also a major Daddy's girl. She mostly ignores The Little Boy Person which is okay, I'd rather that then her be mean. But she's not mean spirited so this is how she rolls. The Big Little Pretty wants to be the mommy. Too much. Which means I have to hover constantly incase she decides to try and pick him up, feed him, take him for a walk, etc... because you just never know with her and I don't really want to find out.

Meaghan-Marie's is back open again and we'll be adding more stock in about a weeks time. We had major set backs last week due to a couple of packages getting lost in the mail and not turning up, after I remade them and paid to have them fast shipped. I'm totally annoyed by this. After remaking them and paying for quick shipping those sales had actually cost me $15 each and I still ended up with angry customers. I think insurance will now become mandatory as well as an acknowledgement that once a package leaves my hands I have no control over it. I ofcourse want everyone to be happy, but with three little ones I can only do so much to appease everyone. We tried to find a new courier, but I'm thinking no one wants to pay $8.00 to ship $3.00 worth of clippies! The prices are rediculous. So for now we'll be insuring everything because I wont have this happen again! Oy!

I got the cutest 'Caboodles' in the mail today for clippies, they are so adorable I just want to keep them and play with them! I think I'll only use three of them for clippies to list and use the other two for the Little Pretties, I think that's only fair. I also got my flat plate bobby pins in the mail so I can go about adhering my felty balls and listing those sweethearts too. Woohoo! I think I'll make myself a set of those too, that way when we're out in public and I look beyond disgusting because I don't have time to shower/brush hair/eat/sleep/etc... people will just notice my felty balls and ignore the rest. Then they will be so attracted to those little furry funs that they'll want them too no doubt! This is an excellent plan, no flaws at all. You'd think I'd have more time to put these plans into action while Mr. Pretties is around as a second set of hands, but, I don't. Some how he thinks things like laundry/cooking/dishes/etc... out rank crafting. I think he'd be a much happier person if he reassessed his priorities... just saying...

Also, for all those who had freebies coming their way, they are coming your way. I made the mistake of putting Mr. Pretties in charge of shipping this week while I was away... yeah... that should explain why the envi's were still sitting on my desk when I got home instead of in the post box. Dummy. I'm mailing them this afternoon when we take The Little Boy Person for his weight check. Expect them shortly, and accept my apologies for having faith in Mr. Pretties, that was bad judgement on my part and it wont happen again.


  1. CONGRATS!!!! I assumed since you hadn't been blogging that the little boy person had come into the world!!! I hope he complies with your crafting schedule!! lol...good luck with that! haha!!
    Well like I said Congrats! and happy felt balling!!

  2. PS- are freebies for the facebook people or did that not work out?!

  3. No apologies nessecary! Seems you have been more than busy.
    Welcome to the world Lil Boy Person!

  4. Update Jen? How is life with new lil boy person?


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