Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pro Star Mommy... Check..

... As part of my trying to be a pro star parent and failing miserably at becoming a member of the board of directors for BLP's school, I decided to stick with my idea about taking LLP and LBP to Kiddie Kastle (drop in centre) on Thursdays while BLP is at preschool. The fact that I stuck with that plan is plenty reason enough for an award I'd say. But, not only did we do Kiddie Kastle, we had a play date! My. God. I'm not really a play dates kind of mom... it's just not my 'thing' but I've been trying. Mostly I've failed. For some reason people see me and automatically think I'm a bit.. err... less than friendly person. I'm totally not. I'm just shy. How lame is that? I believe having children has taken away my ability to remember how to behave and talk to people who aren't three and under... or... maybe I just hadn't found the right group of moms? Yes, let's blame the other moms, that's mature. But I think I found a pretty cool group of moms this morning! Sweet! Their kids are the same age as mine, they're all super sweet and cute (I do not throw the 'C' *that would be cute, get your head out of the gutter! Honestly!* word around a lot with other kids either, I'm sort of more of an animal person... but that's a whole 'nother post) and their mom's all seemed crazy nice and normal! I'm all about normal. Perhaps that's because I so totally lack normality myself that I need my friends to be? That seems logical.

But the important thing here is that I actually enjoyed myself! Well, accept for the part when BLP wouldn't help during clean up time, and when she wouldn't sit for story time, and when she went around with a rubber snake during story time hissing at people... and when she didn't want to wash her hands for snack time... and when she wouldn't eat her snack at snack time... and when she painted the floor during free play time...and when I had to drag her out of Kiddie Kastle kicking and screaming and then proceeded to do the stiff board routine which resulted in my having to karate chop her to get her in her seat to go pick up BLP from preschool... Wait, did I say I enjoyed myself? Huh. It's amazing what constitutes as a good time now a days...

I actually can't wait to do it next week! I'm in desperate need of a BFF so this seems to be the best way to search that out... I could take out an ad on Kijiji, but that just seems, I don't know, a whole lot lame? This way I can pretend I'm a normal, yet slightly stalkerish, and a little bit snotty looking mom at a play date with her kids, and if someone wants to be my BFF I guess I could try it out...

Meanwhile we get home and LLP shows the BLP her leaf painting. Their conversation is as follows:

LLP: Look BLP I pwaint a weaf at baby goo (school)
BLP: Wow... dats a nice weaf LLP! Daddy, you see LLP's weaf? It's pwitty!
LLP: Tank oo BLP!
BLP: Good job LLP, dats a weel good weaf! We hang dis on da fridge ok?

They're so cute sometimes. I love it when they're nice to eachother, you know, since it happens so seldom... the teenage years are going to be hell... Unless! We could move to that state in the US where you can utilize the 'safe haven' law until your kids are 19... Hmm... that just might work!

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