Friday, September 26, 2008


... sort of like weight lifting but a lot less extensive and a ton more annoying. I'm trying to cute-ify the blog. As of yesterday I've managed to completely lose the blog twice, find the blog but couldn't edit anything/sign in/etc, got some god awful brown background stuck on it, lose all of my gadgets and widgets (including my counter! Damn it!), froze my computer, and, finally, found a cupcake background that I like. For now.

So, if you stop by and the blog looks butt, it's probably a mistake because I don't know what I'm doing, but, I like to pretend that I do. Now, that's not to be mistaken with being wrong, as we know I am not. Not having a clue and being wrong are entirely different things... just go with me on this one...

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  1. I did that before too, and that's why I like the cutest layout on the block site because they dont make you lose your widgets and such.

    The layout look adorable btw!


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