Wednesday, October 1, 2008

31 For 21

Today marks the first day of '21 for 31' to raise awareness about Down Syndrome. Now that doesn't mean I'm going to be blogging about Downs, it just means that I have to make sure I post a post every. single. day. Now those who follow the blog know I have good intentions, but am not always so good at the daily blogging. I will do it this month though. I will also try to make sure they are quality posts too, none of that 'Today is Wednesday... ' garbage, I'll make sure I have something to talk about. Even if that means I have to go looking for drama.
This isn't even my post for today, nope this is just so you know what's up and that I can't get the 31 for 21 button to work in my side bar. Somedays Blogger just gives me so much attitude I could smack it! If smacking inanimate objects didn't have the men with the white suits peaking around the corner...
So now you know what I'm up to, if you want to join 31 for 21 you can do so here, everyone is welcome and it's not too late! I bet you could even sign up tomorrow as long as you posted two posts... Just sayin...

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