Monday, October 20, 2008

Another Sweetie's Heading Off...

... To her new home
BLP was majorly po'd that I wouldn't let her keep it. Even more po'd was she that she had a perfectly good store bought costume in the closet that she picked out last week. She does not want that costume, she wants to be a princess with a tutu. Didn't I know that we just bought the princess costume to beautify the closet?! What is wrong with me?!

I digress... I will now be spending this week assembling a new and much improved princess tutu for Halloween. I told Mr. Pretties she wouldn't roll with a costume from the store... But, what do I know?


  1. Love the tutu. I made some for my girls, and they dance around all day. I couldnt believe how easy and inexpensive it was to do yourself vs buying one!

  2. That's awesome! Where do you buy your tulle and fabric? I think I'm getting ripped off, that tutu cost me $36, doh! It has 9 yards of tulle and fabric. I wonder if I buy it online if it would be cheaper?

  3. I bought mine at Hancock fabrics. I think I ended up spending about $35 on 2 tutus with the same specifications.

  4. That's awesome Valerie! I wish we had a Hancock's in Canada, that sounds awesome! I end up paying $2.50+ a yard for tulle and even little kid tutus end up needing atleast 8 yards. I made a bunch for Halloween and ended up in hole, apparently I'm not a good business girl!


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