Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Goblin Did It...

... You know the small spoons you get with your silver (or metal, just saying) ware? Those are my fav. I do not use the larger spoons. They are simply too big and too clumsy. I refuse to eat with them. I use my small spoons to eat soup, make a cup of tea, eat my cereal, etc... you know, your average everyday spoon jobs. I am now down to one small spoon. Did you hear that? ONE. I am almost positive I purchased TWO sets of the same silver (metal) ware from Ikea, meaning, in a perfect world there should in fact be eight small spoons. Where are the other seven? The BLP takes a spoon to preschool for her snack, but, I have purchased special colour coordinated spoons that match her containers in an effort towards small-spoon-loss-prevention. Mr. Pretties claims he doesn't use them and does not take them in his lunch. I know the latter to be true because I make his lunch and make absolute sure he doesn't take a small spoon or fork (I also lurve me some small forks, but this thread is about spoons mmkay?).

So. Where the flip do they go?! I made myself some soup just now for my 11pm dinner and I had to dig in the drawer for 10 minutes just to come up with one freaking small spoon. This is not acceptable. I want to know who is taking my spoons and where they're going with them!

I asked BLP if she knew where they might be. You know what she told me? Goblins. Ah, yes. Ofcourse. Why on earth didn't I come to that conclusion myself?! It's so obvious that the goblins are doing some B&E while we're sleeping and slumping off with my small spoons. It explains why it's the smalls and not the bigs. The bigs would clearly be too big for the goblins to haul off. Sometimes, you just need a three year old to point out the obvious things in life...

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  1. Oh I love this post!

    I am also a small spoon lover. I hate the big ones. The corners of my mouth rip when I try to shove obe of those bad boys in my mouth ;)

    That Goblin is pretty cute. :)


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