Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Are You Out There...

... Okay, now that I've gotten Feedjit, I know some of you are out there!
So. What do you think about the blog? What do you like/dislike and what would you like to see? I'd love for everyone to enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.
So, if you read, please leave me a comment letting me know where we're at. Even if it's just a 'I'm here and I read' it makes me feel better. I like to think I'm not the only one who reads my blog (Yes, I do read my blog, we've talked about that already) I'm really bad at leaving comments too so don't feel bad. I probably have 10 blogs I check daily and I almost never commented. That is bad bloggership though so I'm making an effort to comment atleast once a week because I know how good it feels to get comments and now you're not writing to the wall.
To sum that up: Let me know you're out there. Leave a comment. Unless ofcourse, you want to leave such comments as 'You suck!' then I'm happier not knowing you're here, I'm the only one allowed to say I suck. Sorry.

*Getting Off My Fancy Pants Soap Box... For Now...If there continue to be few comments nagging with ensue again...*

I have a whole post coming up about Saltbox houses, Primitive Sheep, and Weeping Willows. It will be today. I hope. The Little Boy Person is being very demanding today and requires my constant undivided attention, making it hard blog. But there will be a real post today, even if I have to let BLP type it for me, what the heck, she uses the computer at preschool, I'm sure they must've taught her spelling/typing and all those basics...


  1. I read your blog everyday (at least I check everyday, I read when theres something new! lol) I've actually started my own blog since reading yours and hope you will check mine out! (I think I've already asked you and sent you a creepy e-mail about headers) and you are saved in my favorites (not only through blogspot but on my computers favorite)
    I swear I'm not a creep, I think your funny and whitty and I wish I had the ambition to do all that you do with your kids and your clippies (PS I love mine!!)

    So don't worry, someone out there loves ya!! lol...hahah

    Once again, I swear Im not a creep!! lol


Thanks for commenting! This way I know someone is reading this craziness!


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