Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Have Given Birth...

... To the most adorable tutu. I haven't named her yet, but she definitely deserves one. I so love making these tutus, they bring me so much joy that it's a little unhealthy no doubt... I will be listing Halloween tutus and korkers on Etsy this week and this is the first of the bunch:

This sweetheart will fit approximately 18mos - 3T. Don't you wish it came in your size?! Me too... oh wait, is that another one of those things normal parents don't do? Yeah probably... Forget I said anything. But I have had requests for adult tutus which is totally cool, if you need an adult sized tutu just let me know!

I'll be taking custom orders this week so that I can get them out in time for Halloween! I'll be posting the cuties as I get them so keep an eye out ;) And if no one wants them, well, I guess I can keep them right? Excellent...


  1. OH MY GOSH, that tutu is TO DIE FOR! It hurts me it is so cute.



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