Monday, October 6, 2008

A Bun In The Oven...

... Oh wait, it's just dowels full of ribbon ;) Yes indeed, I am baking ribbon to fashion some wonderful korkers tonight and tomorrow and they'll be all set for purchasing at Etsy Wednesday night!

I personally love korkers, they're my favorite. They look equally adorable on little girls with no hair as well as those with loads of it. LLP hardly has any hair as you can see. I put a teeny tiny pony tail in tree style on the top of her head with an ouchless clear elastic and then alligator clip a nice fluffy corker infront of it and it is adorableness personified!

I love to adhere fun buttons, felty balls, flowers, etc... in the middles because it just makes them more unique and wonderful. LLP was sporting a navy and baby blue super korker with one of those freakin' cute caboodles in the middle and it was to di(v)e for. Literally, one of the other little girls at LLPs play group tried to take her out to steal it... BLP has the same problem at preschool. I have to sew the korkers together super tight because if I don't they end up getting sabotaged when they're fighting over them! That's what BLP is taking for her Halloween treat at school. Korkers for the girls, and who knows what for the boys. (So yeah, if any of you have any great ideas for boys... LET ME KNOW!) I know we live in a what's good for girls is fine for boys too kind of world, and I see no problem in dolls/kitchens/etc... for little boys but I kind of feel hair clippies step over that line a little. Remember I said I had a hard time making mommy friends because I look meanish? Yeah... don't really need help in the deterring other people department...

I shall return, hopefully with some cute pictures of what's going on Etsy tonight/tomorrow. Then I have to make a colour co-ordinated bento for BLP for preschool tomorrow... Did I mention I also have to bake a grandparents day treat? Apparently they want me to issue food poisoning to the sweet dears if they're asking me bake something. I think I'll put that on Mr. Pretties things to do, he's actually an excellent baker/cook. I've already given him specific guidlines, they went like this:

*I want something that is better than everyone elses. I want everyone to see them and say 'Wow, LLP's mom is the best! She's practically Martha Stewart, but way younger and totally cuter!' It would also be really good if they actually wanted to be me... and maybe it could make all the other treats look crappy...*

Sounds easy enough, don't you think? Now I have to stress for the need to be understood, I would never want another mom to feel badly about something she brought. I've been there. So I was 110% kidding about that, I was just being me. In truth if someone actually said that I'd probably cry and then punch my self in the teeth for being such a knob. But you get the point, I want something totally good and impressive to take. If they think I'm a young/cute Martha, that's even better...

ETA: There will be no cute-irrific pictures tonight. My starch has failed me and made my corkers super crispy. *Alright, who ordered super crispy?!* They still look cute but they feel crunchy, like a bad 80's hair do. Not cool. These will not be for sale (Unless you have a crispy fetish, in which case email me). I will however make LLP wear one to her playdate tomorrow...

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