Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mr. Pretties Has Another Wife...

.. I am almost positive. There is just no way that two different people can be described this way. I just read this description of Clever Girl's husband and it describes Mr. Pretties to a tee.

'when he gets in a crummy mood, you'd think he had to live in the gutter and french kiss sewer rats while simultaneously changing old people's diapers and donating his paycheck to pedophiles, all while wearing a polyester suit and shoes that pinch. At those times, NOTHING is right, EVERYTHING is wrong, and I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND. At those times, my mother-in-law and I refer to him as Eeyore. (That is, if Eeyore managed to look sad while also looking as though he wanted to kick Christopher Robin's scrawny ass.)'

Now you've realized compared to Clever Girl I'm really not funny. at. all. I actually debated whether to link and/or post about her because after reading her I'll look like the dictionary. She cracks me right up.

I really have nothing hilarious to ad, other than I cannot wait for Mr. Pretties to get home so I can tell him exactly what he is. An ass-kicking Eeryore. Am I the only one laughing out loud?

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