Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stomach Bugs and Apples...

... Well we did it again. Family time. With the stomach bug.

Do you know why we did family time with the stomach bug? Because I felt badly that I hadn't had a half decent post all week and had totally been slacking as far as pictures go.

So, after I stopped throwing up at 1pm I got up, got dressed, tried to make myself look half presentable for the welfare of the public and dragged Mr. Pretties, the Little Pretties, and The Little Boy Person out to yet another farm. I lurve me some farms.

This time we went to an apple farm. We were going to pick apples, doesn't that sound like fun? I'm sure it would have been. I personally wouldn't know. Why you ask? Because this farm had a playground. I didn't get to see anything else but the playground. Doesn't anyone have anything better to do on a farm then play?! And again, they had those jumping ball things. I didn't even try this time, something about bouncing up and down just didn't sit right with my pal SB (stomach bug).

I've decided we need to purchase three of these bouncing things with handles. One for LLP, one for BLP, and one for... me. You thought I was going to LBP didn't you? Nope. I desperately want one for myself, they're a ton of fun! Both times we've gone to farms that have them I so badly wanted to jump around on it, but I try really hard to come off as a normal parent in public. None of the other parents were bouncing around, so it must not be something you should be doing... Really though, what's not to like about these things? You can bounce on it, kick it, throw it, hit someone with it, use it as a birthing ball (or not, just sayin...) so many uses for such a cute little ball it would totally be money well spent. I'm getting a pink one. FYI.

Now, I don't know if I'm the only one who encounters these issues when they're out with other kids, but does it seem like 80% of the other kids are being obnoxious little buggers and their parents don't care? At this farm there was a hay stack (layers of hay bails piled up, not loose hay) and there was a ramp going up to the first level of hay so that the small children could get up on it. Fun, right? They also have all sorts of ride on toys with wheels. Also fun, right? So then some parent decided it would be hilarious to let their 3 year old son drive the said ramp in a ride on car. Mature, right? The kids does a face plant on the ramp and cries. What do the parents do? Pick him and the ride on toy back up and place them back at the top of the ramp, clearly this calls for a do over... So now all the kids think this is a great idea and are grabbing riding toys left and right, lining up on the bails of hay waiting for their turn to do their very own face plant. Where are their parents you ask? Why they're at the bottom of the ramp waiting with their cameras! Doesn't everyone want to record little Susie's first broken nose? Obviously I was the moron for not wanting to get in on that sweet action! We mostly ignored the entire situation and went about our business of bouncing on balls, riding spring horses, toting around hay

and playing in the sand. Good times. When we came out of the corn maze

BLP was running towards Mr. Pretties to tell him about the corn she saw when WHAM! she gets flattened out by a little crap on a trike flying down the ramp towards mommy waiting to capture Super Dave's first stunt on camera. Oh. My. God. Are you serious? So I pick BLP up, dust her off and march my barely-containing-my-need-to-barf self over to this woman and politely (I do not do confrontation IRL) ask her if she really thinks letting her little guy run other kids over is such a safe idea. Her answer? 'There's no sign saying not to, I don't think it's a problem' Okay then... She must've graduated Sigma Phi Dumbass (not pointing insults at sororities by any means).

So. If you happen to see a cliff and there is no sign stating 'Do not jump, danger!' rest assure that it is more than safe to go jumping off of it because no one actually expects you to use your own good judgement in life. Clearly.

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