Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Want To Win A Silver Pretty...

... By Lisa Leonard. Not me. When I start cranking out silver hair pretties I wont need a blog anymore!

Lisa makes gorgeous silver necklaces, cuffs, rings,earrings, baby spoons, and key chains. They're so unique, and simple. In an understated gorgeous kind of way. Over at The Nesting Place Nester is taking names in comments for a give away from Lisa. This is what she's giving away:

Lisa's prices are great and her work is so original, I think I'll be buying that necklass anyway. I'm all about incorporating my little pretties initials in anyway I can.

Lisa also made an original piece for the CFHusband. So she's kind of a blog celebrity... This is The Gwenyth Rose:

Now that you're totally in love with these gorgeous silver baubles, what're you waiting for?! Get on over to The Nesting Place! You have until Thursday at midnight. If you just want to mosey over to Lisa's shop and take a look-see you can do so here . Much like the Nester I really love the simple silver rings too. I'd lurve me some silver rings but my ring size is something rediculous like a 3.5 and I'm thinking you can resize those puppies... I shall be leave Lisa's shop address somewhere where Mr. Pretties can conveniently check it out and scope out some Christmas ideas...


Thanks for commenting! This way I know someone is reading this craziness!


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