Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yes, Yes I Do Make Clippies...

... I do, honest! I've been receiving emails wanting to know why I haven't listed anything new on Etsy. They've been like 'Where are the clippies?' 'Why haven't you listed anything new?' 'Don't you love us anymore?' Okay, that was a stretch... Here's the reason, are you ready? Okay.

*Deep Breath*

I've been saving them for the mom2mom sale.

*Hangs Head In Shame*

I'm sorry. I shouldn't be holding out on you like that! I know, Iknow, I'm a bad Etsy blogging mommy. I'm going to finish some up tonight and post them on Etsy. I promise. I can always take what doesn't sell on Etsy to the Mom2Mom sale.

I'm also waiting for my 'Made To Match' Gymbo lines ribbon to come in so I can have some M2M Gymbo korkers. AND I've even hauled out my roving to felt some fancy flower clippies. Woohoo! Are you proud? I might actually need to order more clippie cards!

I'm actually in the middle of assembling korkers, and soaking my roving, so I'm going to get on creating. I promise I wont hold out anymore, clippies are the reason for this blog, sometimes I forget that... not that you could tell or anything...

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