Friday, October 24, 2008

You Know What I Hate...

... people who list their cats on Kijiji and then follow up their free ad with 'And if no one takes them I guess I'll be hauling them off to the SPCA...'


I. Hate. You.

Do you know what happens when I read things like that? It activates that little voice in my head. I then have to have the follow discussion. With myself. Look, if you want to know why I talk to myself go read the 'insane' post. Thanks. My conversation with, well, myself goes like this:

LV (Little Voice): Mama noooo! Not the SPCA! Jenn, you can not, I repeat CANNOT let those precious little balls of love go to the SPCA, you know what happens there!
Jenn: Yes LV, I know what happens there! But are you aware that we already have too many cats? And that Mr. Pretties is threatening to move out if we obtain anymore?
LV: And your point is?
Jenn: No point, just saying. Hmm... I wonder if they'd rather me buy them chicken or fish...

MmmHmm. Do these people understand how much trouble they cause me?! Do they know how much flack I take from Mr. Pretties because it is my job single handedly to ensure no felines of my knowledge end up at the SPCA?

I think not.

Now I have a lady wanting to drop me off two orange cats... Yes, orange. Again.

To those people who use the SPCA threat, I have three words for you:

Enough said.

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