Monday, November 10, 2008

Can It Be...

... I found something sweeter than a tutu? I think I might have stumbled across something today... How can I claim to be a pretties loving momma when I have never seen one of these sweet babies?

Do you know what that is folks? No, besides this Etsian's adorable little girl. It is.... a pettiskirt. I'm sorry, but, how freakin' adorable is that?! There are hardly any words that will suffienctly describe this complete overload of adorableness.

I will ofcourse have to research this until I am able to create my own. Not to sell ofcourse, I don't think I could ever do that good of a job. But say for home, preschool, naptime, bathtime, grocery shopping time, you know, those times when it's absolutely mandatory to be sporting no less than a pettiskirt. I would so love to just run out and purchase me.. err... I mean the LP's this

No, not the baby. Actually, Mr. Pretties and I do quite well at making adorable babies all on our own, don't really to go about purchasing those on Etsy. In addition, I'm fairly certain we. are. done. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't jump at the chance to borrow this adorable little munchkin and smooch those chubby little cheeks. Because I would. Obviously.

Now that you've seen these, if you desperately require one as much as I do, and your husband/wife is more understanding than mine and completely understands that this would be $60 more than well spent, pop on over to Rachel On The Flower to see what else she's got! You wont be sorry, let me tell you! Your husband/wife... well, I can't worry about everyone now can I?

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  1. "I'm fairly certain we.are.done"
    As long as it's your decision!!!
    and you are right you do make adorable children!


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