Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Err... dough.
PlayDough to be exact...

Check out that adorable rolly polly dough! I made it. Okay, honestly? I didn't make that exact dough... although mine looks just like it. Minus the great photog skills (you had to know that was no photo I took, c'mon!)

I can even make gluten free playdough which is awesome for kids with wheat allergies, they can't play with traditional PlayDoh, I had no idea! So I think I'll take some of this great stuff to the Mom Expo next weekend incase anyone else's child is suffering from lack of PlayDoh exposure due to wheat allergies. You just never know!

The LP's were most impressed with my dough making capabilities. It was almost worth the entire hour long repetition of:

'My tA-tO done? My tA-tO done? MY TA-TO DONE?!'


My playdough smells like vanilla too instead of that crappy smell traditional dough smells like. Mmm... and it makes your hands feel super soft after. I lurves me some fancy playdough.

Do you ever feel that I may have too much time on my hands? Funny, so does Mr. Pretties...


  1. Wow... I want vanilla playdough. That sounds awesome.

  2. Hey I would love the recipe for that!!!


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