Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dear Kijiji...

... Bite Me.

Why must you always have things that I absolutely need but simply cannot justify buying (Ahem, that would be Mr. Pretties can't justify buying...) I think after saddling me with those cats you owe me, like, alot. Couldn't you just throw something out there for free? No, eh? Figures.

Kijiji, you suck.

On todays list of absolute needs is:

100 year old Victorian Door - $180.00

Antique Gas Stove - $200.00

Antique Iron Double Bed - $150.00

And lastly, an Antique Cast Iron Sink Complete w/Hot and Cold Taps - $250

I really had to narrow the list down, I know you all just humour me by reading these posts about my nostalgic need for old crap, so I tried to save you some time. Now, if by chance someone A) has a husband who condones these types of purchases and you'd like the listing - let me know or B) if you're one of those kind souls who wants to purchase, say, one or maybe, all of these items for me, you're my new best friend and by all means LET ME KNOW.

Back to regular programming...

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  1. Too funny. My husband doesn't understand why I like "old crap" either. I always buy without him and then send him to pick it up! My Uncle Don is the true junk scout. He buys it at auctions and sales and then calls to tell us that we need it.

    I do like the sink and it is the right age for my house......but, I can't justify the need for something like that right now.....

    Back to cleaning out the family room......other wise known as the space wehre my family leaves everything out.


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