Wednesday, November 19, 2008


... They really should be filed under 'They Hurt Me They're So Cute'. Yes, I ordered more Caboodles. But seriously? I cannot help myself, they're adorableness personified. I opened my mail this morning to this:

Seriously folks? That is Laffy Taffy right dead center there. Uh huh. Do you have any idea how much better opening this is than, say, a $300 hydro bill? Look in the top right hand corner, do you know what that is? That's a freaking envelope. Remember when I used to make my own envelopes? Remember how hip I thought I was? Yeah, they've got nothing on that sweetheart. Honestly, it's like it's own bathroom read, it's got all sorts of interesting things on it, it's truly amazing. And incase you're having a hard time picking out what I exactly I purchased out of that bunch, it was these honey bunches:
Like do you see how carefully they're resting in there on a nest of shredded paper? And the little scrap paper for the top? And the little ribbon? Holy cuteage. Look at those little pink Caboodles? Do you know where those are going? Right on top of some clippies. Can you believe I'm actually going to give them away? I'm going to ad Andrea of KitsAndCaboodles to the back of those cards because people might just want to buy them all by themselves, you know, just to stare at their adorableness.

For those who're slightly more nosey and couldn't see all that was in the first picture, these are the 'extras' that came along with my parcel:

And the envelope up close:

For those that're wondering where they can view more KitsAndCaboodles, skidaddle on to or visit or try to keep the squeeling to a minimum though, some people just don't understand...

Andrea also popped by the blog this afternoon and this is how she described it:

'Your blog is adorableness btw. Really, its like unicorns on top of cupcakes on top of puppies. And FUNNY! I need more funny everyday'

I'm sorry, but is that not hilarious? I love that, if ever I needed a description of what I'd like my blog to be, that was it. That induced some seriously giggle tears. Obviously.

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  1. You are too sweetilicious! Thanks so much for the linkage!

    I thought I would let everyone know where those cute little extras come from. The genius PAINT CHIP!!tag is from and made those darling little cupcake girl stickers just for my goodie bags. Cute huh?

    Thanks bunches! Feel free to use my description as your new tag line, lol!


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