Saturday, November 1, 2008

I AM A Sucker...

.. Probably the biggest one. Ever.

Remember my recent post about that dastardly (that's right, dastard, we're going to brush up on some good old english) lady and her kijiji ad about her cats? How they'd end up at the SPCA? Good.

Allow me to introduce our new house mates.

*These photos were neither taken at my house nor labelled by me. Just so you know.

So after much debate (mostly on Mr. Pretties part... go figure...) and a week long arguement Cheddar and Garfield arrived at our house a mere hour and a half before they would have been taken to animal control to take their eternal nap (The SPCA was full).

I woke up lastnight to Garfield sleeping on my head. Hey, I'm cool with that, and Cheddar laying on my feet. As long as they're comfortable. The rest of the gang has taken to them as well.

BLP's first thoughts were
*Turns to next cat*
'Ralphie?! Mom, TWO Ralphies?!'

While LLP was like
'Moomie (Wilma)?!
*Turns Head*
'Moomie?! '
*Turns and looks at Wilma*

The look of total confusion on her face was priceless. I love messing with their heads like that. Well, not really, but it was still plenty funny.

For those wondering, we didn't make it in time for the dinner bunnies :( The man phoned and let us know as we were heading out the door, a man bought them for a restaurant. Nice. So if you're dining on rabbit out in Bradford, you just might be munching on one of those sweeties. How sad. Aren't there enough animals to eat without having to add things like bunnies, calfs, sheep, cows.... okay I mostly think everyone should just eat chicken, but that's me.

In addition we almost hit a deer not once, but THREE times lastnight. It was like the twilight zone! We've driven the same road in the evening for the past four years. We do it atleast twice a week. We have NEVER seen A deer. We've seen the signs.

It is rural, there is a 'forest' of sorts, but never a deer to be seen. The lighting on this road is not great, to say the least. So as we're driving along lastnight we notice a car up ahead flash his lights at us. Mr. Pretties automatically assumes it's police doing speed checks, so he slows down. Literally two seconds later I see a ginormous bloody deer RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE WINDSHIELD. It had been looking the other way and blending in with the night and suddenly turned to look at us. Seriously, if I hadn't stopped to go potty before we left the house 10 minutes before, our leather seats would have been paying the price, and because my heated seat was on my rear end would likely be fried too.


Luckily Mr.Pretties stopped in time and the deer ran, had it not ran we may not even be here today. So that scared the bejeezus out of me. It made me realize I need to cut out the butter because my hardened arteries were not responding kindly to this event.

So we carry on driving, but keeping an eye out. Three minutes later I see another one! So I'm screaming and yelling at Mr. Pretties to stop, this deer is probably 30 feet away but I am so flipping out. This one takes off. We arrive where we're going safe and sound.

Now because we're clearly stupid and needed to stop at Tim Horton's on the way home we took the same way. Yeah. Idiots.

*Nomintation for the dumbest people ever award goes here*

So we're driving, I'm all over deer watch, like what're the odds? But I'm still all over it. About the same spot we were before I see ANOTHER one about 20 feet away staring at us! It took off in plenty of time too, but Mr. Pretties and I are way shook up. We've vowed never to drive that way, never to take drives in rural areas, and possibly to stop driving all together. We're also starting a habitat group to catch deer, cover them in reflective tape, and release them into the wild. I think this is brilliant...

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