Saturday, November 1, 2008

Holy Cutialicious...

...You've heard the saying 'Things that make you go Hmm...' well, this post will be classified as 'Things that make you go OMG-That-Hurts-Me-It's-So-Adorable'.

You all know once every few weeks I try to post about Etsians that both I think are totally fab and that I think you'll probably enjoy, say, alot. So today I'm going to post about Blossom Toys. Blossom Toys makes adorable children's toys that are enjoyed because the colours, patterns, and materials she uses are intriguing to the wee ones. No batteries required, just an imagination and a love for all things adorable. One of my current favorites, that I really think LLP requires is this, the chocolate pink teething jingle elephant:

Can you even stand how cute that is? LOVE it. Here's the shops description:

This little zoo creature is sure to become one of your baby's favorite snugglies. The legs will make great teething surfaces and a small bell in the middle will reward baby with a pleasant jingle when he gives a shake to his new friend.Each animal is individually handcut and sewn giving each creature unique personality. Pattern placement will vary slightly. Please allow 7-10 days for production.Approximately 6" x 4"

Next up from Blossom Toys is the Wise Owl Doodle Cady. Seriously, this is so genius I still haven't figured out how I didn't think of this. Get tired of the crayon box getting ripped and then having to cart around tupperware/baggies/boxes of crayons? Need something for the little guys to do in the car/restaurant/dr's office? Then this is definitely the way to go!

Great idea, clearly. As if the idea weren't great enough, I lurve me some of those funky owls, they're my fav! Here's the shop description:

Keep those wiggly, busy fingers busy doodling when you are on-the-go with this compact crayon and notepad caddy. Fun designer fabric is paired with a solid chocolate colored liner to keep 8 crayons and a 3x5 notebook (both included) neatly contained. Perfect for restaurants, doctor's offices, trains, planes and automobiles.Secured with a coordinating grosgrain ribbon, this caddy rolls into a easily portable 4" x 6" and unrolls to approximately 6" x 11.5".

Lastly, I love this ball. It's the Jingle Bell Cloth Ball. It's an adorable, jingle, colourful ball of sweetness! If my girls were younger I'd be all over this, the colours a splendid, great for the really tinies who can can only recognize bold patterns and it requires a little bit of imagination. I love imaginative toys, they're the best to get those little minds going!

Those are my absolute favorite colours. Honestly, if I bought some I'd buy three in coordinating patterns and put them in a ball for some serious girlie decor. But that's how I roll... Here's the shop description:

Beautiful, modern fabric come together to become a great ball perfect for baby.Toys do not need to be made of plastic and run on batteries to be fun. This ball is made from three coordinating, 100% cotton fabric from Moda's Flirtation collection and stuffed with polyester fill. A bell is carefully placed in the center of each ball producing a very pleasant jingle and rattle when it is shaken, rolled or thrown. At 17 inches around, it is the perfect size for a game of toss and catch. You will have years of fun - my little guy loves to toss the balls across the room and go running after them, and my older son is learning how to catch. Who doesn’t like playing ball?

So that's where I'm at today. I try not to 'plug' too much, but I do think these are items some, if not all, of you can enjoy and now you know about them! What if I hadn't posted this and you were in dire need of a crayon caddy? Let's not even think about it, I've saved you from that fate! Whew!

Keep in mind this is only one of many, many wonderful children's shops that make up EtsyKids, a fab street team who create wonderful handmade, children geared treasures!

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