Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's A Pig's Nose...

...This is the current conversation taking place between Mr. Pretties and the BLP.

BLP: Daddy, you have animals in you tummy! I hear dem!
Me: What noise are they making?
BLP: Moo, and, umm, I don't know what more sounds dey make, but dey want to come out!
Me: Uh huh...
BLP: I'll hear dem wit my ear again... Yup dey still in der!
Mr. Pretties: Animals?! (he catches on slow...)

Followed by:

BLP: Daddy what's dis? *lifting up her shirt*
Mr.Pretties: Umm.. well... a nipple.
BLP: A nibble?
Mr. Pretties: No, I a niPPle.
BLP: Oh. It wook wike a pig's nose.
Mr. Pretties: Well, it's not. It's a nipple.
BLP: Hmmm... Does Efin hab dem?
Mr. Pretties: Yes he does
BLP: What about Dort Buth? *The cat*
Mr. Pretties: Yep, he does too.
Me: Short Bus has like 8 of them!
BLP: Dey wook dest wike pig noses...
Mr. Pretties: Fine. They're pig noses...

For some reason this conversation struck me as funny. That might be a just me thing... But c'mon, a pig's nose?! Who says that?! I have heard many comparisons, but a pigs nose was not ever one of them...

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