Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Remember This...

Yes? Good.

Do you remember I was purchasing it for $75, had arranged to pick it up and then all of a sudden the seller disappeared and the ad was deleted?

Yes? Perfect.

Well as I was surfing Kijiji this afternoon I see this:

Hmm... Look familiar? I thought so too...

Except now it's a 'Shabby Chic Antique Dresser' for $160.

Rrriigghhhttt.... Now, in all fairness that dresser is really worth much closer to $160 than $75, but that doesn't give you permission to be a dick about it and stand people up just because you weren't smart enough to know what your piece was worth before listing. Just saying.

Now, what lesson did we learn today?

If you want to sell something white/cream and/or old, make sure to list it as 'Shabby Chic' (aka old and crappy - which I lurve) and it will undoubtedly up your pieces worth by atleast 50%.

Are you thinking I:

A) have too much time on my hands and
B) need to take a break from Kijiji? Me too. Seriously.
I feel like I'm working in retail all over again with all the aggravation everywhere.

This week so far I've had:

* A lady who was po'd because I wouldn't give her a freaking house tour and made her stay in our entrance way for our very small sale (a pair of friggen gloves, don't really think that warrants a tea party) she actually asked if she could come in and look around like I owed it to her and was obviously raised in a barn for not asking... and was acting totally weird about it... Normally I'd be thrilled to show people through, I'm a big fan of 'show and tell' but some how rude people don't elicit the same enthusiasm in me. Sorry.

*A no show who then tries to claim she's been phoning me for days and I've been ignoring her. I would totally buy the not answering the phone thing as we all know how I feel about the phone, but, no dice. There were no calls yesterday. Period. And why exactly is it that now all of a sudden you call and get a machine? Maybe because it's the first time you've called? Or maybe you're incapable of pressing the 'recall' button on your phone and have been harassing the wrong people, who in return ignored you? And maybe since you were too rude to call and say you couldn't make it at the arranged time you should spend sometime giving yourself attitude instead of wasting it on me. You know that chair I have that you just lurve and have the table to match?
Guess what?


How do you like them apples?!

There are more, but we wont go there right now.
Kijiji seems to bring out my angry side, I don't like spending time with my angry side, it really down plays my whole unicorns on cupcakes on puppies with cartoon squirrels personality.

I think a nap is in order. For me. The LPs can nap too if they like...


  1. How rude! I can't believe the guy had a pending sale with you and then relisted at a higher price. I'd be totally miffed.

    Hope things go better.

  2. What What What? The lady wanted a tour? What a freak!! I hope you spit in the gloves!! LOL

  3. oh wow! I would be totally pissed. Sorry that happened. Did you email the "shabby chic" person and let them have it? I would have.

    And what's up with the crazy tea lady needing a tour of your house? No thanks.


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